Tuesday 28 February 2017


Worked on a new page with one goal in mind- make sure i leave white space.  I love white space but lately before i know it the whole page is covered in color, its not a bad thing just a fact.  So that being said here we go
I started by stamping texture stamps randomly on the background with black archival ink.  Next apply a thin-ish coat of clear crackle, allow to dry overnight.  The crackle needs to completely dry before adding any color.

Next morning...
Add texture through a stencil with modeling paste- dry.

Now splatter on some color start with blue- spray with water really close to page to avoid color from splattering.  Move color around with heat gun and dry.  Repeat with next color.

Here you can see the crackle with color, the color really makes the crackle pop out.  Along the bottom right side you can also see the coral color without crackle underneath.  I like the variation between color on paper on color on crackle.  I also really love the variations of color you get from adding water, some areas are more diluted than others, plus drying with the heat gun causes darker edges- love it all.

Add pictures, frame with wire and make a wire path, add brads, buttons and photo tabs to hold wire in place.

Here I wrapped wire around a box and make a little collage with punch outs and brads.

Next around the photo paint a little alchemy black berry paint, while it is still wet spritz with water to get paint to move around and remove rough edges. Spraying the paint with water with also get the paint to settle into crackle.

You can also see I added some large buttons and a couple more die cuts.

Close up of painted photo edge, the extra color around photo helps make the photo pop out more.

Underneath the button is a cluster of fishing line painted black.

More fishing line painted black on top of this button,  Really love the grungy effect of all the elements.

Add some titles outlined with charcoal.

I just love the color variations!!!

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  1. I don't think I have seen anything you have done that I really don't like. I find it very fascinating and beautiful.