Thursday 6 July 2023

Shambles Book Nook

Fun fact about me- when i was 20 i lived in Scotland as a nanny.  While i lived there i took a holiday in York stayed in this little cottage and toured around York for a few days.  It is old and beautiful, it has a street called "The Shambles" with preserved Medieval building AMAZING!  

Fun fact about Medieval building- Built on narrow streets, timber framed buildings with jettied floors that overhang the street.  These types of building caused fires to spread easier since sometimes houses across the street from each other would almost be touching at the top.

York Shambles

And my Take
I don't usually add scenic items but for this one i did- the laundry hanging from the upper windows, boxes, straw and twigs, and fruit.
I think it really brings the scene alive, i think i will do for all future booknook but finding items or making them small enough is a challenge.

I tried to capture the uneven construction of the medieval building but i really struggle making things uneven and dilapidated.  I like to make this precise and symmetrical.

I would really love to make a haunted house but i will need to force myself to not make it perfect, and to use darker colors.