Thursday 31 March 2016

It's been a WEEK

As usual i left everything to the last minute, i do work better under pressure mostly.  But then in a 24 hour period my computer and phone crashed- dead, gone, nothing.  Luckily i was able to get my files off my crashed laptop.  But the phone was dead and i couldn't transfer the data so i wrote down all the phones numbers again i was luckily i had just transferred my pictures so i didn't loss any of those. PANIC set in.  Now i am back up and running and playing catch up.

Here are the final three page kits that will be available this weekend at the Crop Haven crop here in Cold Lake.

I like the black outline with the shadow around the color drips it looks like graffiti. I want to try this on an art journal page this weekend.
Here i used flowers- Honestly not sure how i feel about this one really not sure if i like it.  What i do like is the ripped out sections of the background with the clusters tucked- i see a art journal page in future.
Final page kit again not sure i like, what i do like is the rust paste.  Right now this is my new favorite product I recommend it to anyone.  It gritty and dries matt- FABULOUS.

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Looking forward to this weekend stay tune for some art journal pages.  Working on a new kit that combines art journalling with pocket pages. I know what i want to do just haven't figured out all the details.  Right, going to write out my thoughts maybe it will help me focus.  I want to have vintage sketches of nature- birds, trees, nests etc..  I want to use my water color pencils.  What i haven't figured out is how to make it into a kit?????

Sunday 20 March 2016

Page Kit 3

I really like this one!!!  I used some of my new products, art alchemy metallique paint- light patina, rust effect paste- brown rust, red rust, micro beads- copper and rub ons foil- copper.

no play by play since it will be a kit. I just bought the rust paste and i have to say i LOVE it.  Its really grainy and dries matt  FABULOUS!

Here is a close up the rust paste, I also rubbed the foil on top which works GREAT, The foil sticks to the raised texture another layer of detail.

I doodled on the stitching with a black pen, basically because i was too lazy to pull out my sewing machine.  Also doodled on circle with dots.  Another layer of detail.

Here you can see the micro beads, those were just added onto embellishments with gel medium.

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Stay tune i finished page kit 4 I will post in a couple of days.

Thursday 17 March 2016

Page Kit 2

Next up Page Kit 2, again i started with vanilla cardstock, not white vanilla.  Awhile back i had an argument with a scrapbook friend  (I am talking about you Wendy) i think vanilla is a shade of white she thinks white is white no shades.

Again no tutorial because they are page kits and i want to sell them, sorry ladies.

This one i knew i wanted only color on the top half with drips, and a layout was born from there.

This is my favorite part, the sun spots i created with gesso a background technique form Creative Scrapbooker previously Canadian Scrapbooker.  FAB magazine created right here in Northern Alberta.

 Also used some cheese cloth in this layout, love the cheese cloth adds more texture, and depth.

My photo cluster with no photo.  I didn't want it to be too big after all the work with the background.

I used mini stones and modeling paste for "ground".  The top half was colored with lindy's and soaked into the texture, but.  Then i painted over the texture with Deco art antiquing cremes, which is 100% matt.  Adds a nice contrast shiny and matt. Smooth and rough.

Followers- 34  Thank you Ladies and Gents.

Monday 14 March 2016

Page Kit 1

So it has been a busy time, I had a huge order from Ladybug Scrapbook in Llyodminster so my time has been spent sorting and packaging. Very time consuming, then the time change which for some reason has really affected me this year.  In fact i am off to bed after this post.

So there is a big crop here in Cold Lake the first weekend in April and i am creating multiple kits to sell for Treasured Memories.  I did this last year too, and i was looking through last years kits and wow a person's style can change in a year.  It is still grungy, still metal and chipboard but now more mixed media, and color sprays.

Page Kit 1- no tutorial since i want you to buy the kit.

I purposely didn't use blue and brown, my favorite go to colors. That said i am having a hard time with the orange not sure if that is what causing me to be on the fence about the finished layout.

I like everything so it must be the color throwing me off.

This is my favorite part!  Love how this little corner came together.  Layered paper and tag with ribbon, next add colors.  The finishing touches are always what makes things pop- inked the paper layers, dry brushed with black acrylic paint, added white outline around brick. Plus black, black always adds to a layout, defines things.

Another fun spot.  I love how the tags have curved up.  I didn't glue down all edges just the bottom edges.  Then once you start adding sprays and water they curve and warp.  Make sure glue is 100% before adding color or everything will just let loose.

Keep in touch aiming to have 7 page kits.  How do you guys feel about 8.5" x 11" page kit.  I enjoy adding different size layouts to my albums. My Mom adds 12 x 12 layouts and project life inserts in different sizes to the same album looks FAB!

Followers- 33, its getting there lets see how long to get to 100

Saturday 5 March 2016

Art Journal Page 1

Here is the first page i did, and I am so happy with it, which is huge because i am never happy with anything.  I always think something is missing, or i went to far- i know you all are reading this and agreeing with me we artists are never satisfied with our own creations.  That is why i dont hang anything up in my house I can't look at without seeing what i don't like.  I did hang the painting up i did of my son that another one i am happy with.  Anyways enough of a rant, time for the reveal.

I had been playing with sketching and coloring with my watercolor pencils the weekend before so i knew that was what i wanted on this page.  Now i got attitude/ grumpy over the weekend because drew those freehand, but i need to point out i had a reference picture, I need a reference picture to draw.  I am AMAZED by people who can draw without a picture

I started with putting two book pages at the corners with gel medium.  (Again an old book courtesy of my mother in law)  Next i added the texture with a stencil and modelling paste.

Added some color with Lindy's sprays-  i can't remember what colors next time i will make a note. I sprayed first to get the drips then i painted just the texture with a magical mixed with water, finished by outlining texture with black watercolor pencil.

Now i just brought finnabair art alchemy opal blue gold paint LOVE LOVE IT.  That is what the gold shimmer along the top texture and in the center fold along the bottom texture.  Love how it is iridescence sometimes gold sometimes blue.  And the right color of blue like robin egg blue.  I LOVE Blue but not navy or royal blue.

I brought this at my friends online store W2Scrapbooking she carries wonderful products and lots of mixed media items, plus her shipping is super reasonable.  Now i live in the same town so i just pop on over- its a perk.

Next sketch in the bird nest, I had forgotten how much i like sketching.  Here i used faber caster assorted pens.  Again i think this is why i am loving the art journal all that wonderful white space!

and color with water color pencils- forgot how fun these are are.  Its a catch 22 love them now i need more colors, ahhh more art supplies.  I think my scrap room is shrinking.

Repeated steps on other side of page but with a bird this time.  I also made the texture darker i wanted more of a pop.

The final steps were some stamping along the bottom and top (not on this pic but the first one I am too lazy to add another picture instead i choose to write a long sentence)

Happy Scrapping
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