Saturday, 19 May 2018

Ocean Waves

This month at Frilly and Funkie the challenge is Surf's Up.  I worked on two canvases, used clay seashells, cheesecloth, and art stones to create a faux surf and rocks.
I started by gluing down clay seashells, I make these with polymer clay and silicone molds.  Between the seashells I smeared on some 3D matte gel then sprinkle on art stones.  The cheesecloth is the fun part, rip and shred cheesecloth then paint with sculpture medium.  Shape across canvas and form into waves crashing into the rocks.  With the sculpture medium you can make ridges with the cheesecloth and it dries like that.  Glue down some art pebbles in the cheesecloth "water"

Once dry add some magicals, steampunk sepia along seashells and shore, guten tag teal in waves.  Sprinkle on magicals then spray with water to activate, move canvases around to move color. Dry

Next in the top corner use Lindy's Time Travel Teal, again sprinkle on then spray with water to activate.  Here I also used a paintbrush to cover the entire left top corner.  To make the sand darker I used Primary Elements Burnt Umber.  Again sprinkle on, activate with water then paint corner and into seashells with a brush.

Next paint all those FAB ridges with Pearl Alchemy Paint like an actual wave.  Also paint seashells and art pebbles with pearl paint, adds a little shimmer.

Finally, using embossing ink refill and a paint brush, paint along seashells and in between.  Sprinkle on stampendous aged gold embossing enamel, heat set. Once done I cut apart the canvases, but i preferred them as one.  Oh well.

Here you can see all those FAB ridges.

Love how ripping up the cheesecloth looks.

Seashells and "sand"

Turned out fantastic.  Have a great weekend!

Monday, 14 May 2018

Romantic Rust

Rust isn't just for the old and worn out but for soft and romantic.  This month at Mixed Media Monthly Challenge is RUST!  Sponsored by Emerald Creek Craft Supplies.

I started with pattern paper, coat with clear gesso dry.  Color background with Lindy's Edelweiss green, Pirate's plunder gold, and cape cod coral.  I splatter on the color then spray with water, then dry with a heat gun- makes it look like watercolor.  I do one color at a time.  Next mix light modeling paste with cape cod coral and apply through a harlequin stencil.

Around harlequin pattern add Lindy's Moonlit Mulberry these gives it a purple sprakle with brown under tones.  Starting to look rusty.  Next rub harlequin pattern with White gold and Amethyst Magic art alchemy wax.  So no "rust" products per say but the finished background looks like rust.

 Put it all together and what do you get??  I fuzzy cut floral designs from pattern paper, cut some paper panels and layer it all together with Scribble frames and Flowerdream chipboard.  Chipboard is painted with red wine and coral alchemy paints.  Love the metallic finish of these paints.  I sprinkled on gold embossing powder and heat from the underside this way I don't need to use embossing ink.

All the wonderful layers

Close up of harlequin texture, I also added some random stamping around page.

I like to overlap all my layout elements.

Scribble Frames Available on my etsy store Boozybear

Flowerdream also available on my etsy store Boozybear.

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