Tuesday 12 April 2016

Rusty Plumbing

I have been working on some new kits to take to Treasured Memories for National Scrapbook Day. Kits are great for earning me some extra cash (to of course buy new scrapbook materials) and uses up some of my stash.  You know so i can add to the stash again.  I am really happy with this one, so many things worked.

First i like the sewing, i actually pulled out the sewing machine instead of being lazy and just doodling the stitching.  The other part i love is the paper layering on the left of the background, enhanced by that wonderful sewing.
 I created the piping with chipboard, then added mini stones with gel medium to look rusty and eroded.

The patina color is achieved with layers and layers of paint. First paint all the piping and grout with brown.  Next highlight with red, orange, blue, alchemy blue gold, black and finally white.  All the highlight colors are lightly brushed onto piping and grout building the color to achieve that rust, patina color.

This took me a couple tries, and a night of sleeping on it or I would have throw the page out.  Yep i was that frustrated.

This is a fun top corner, here i used the piping as horizon line to add a cluster above.  Add some texture with ink and stencil, lindy's spray and finished with random washi tape and rub ons.
This the bottom corner, i like the rip out with the tag poking out, then the faucet.  Here is harlequin stencil again and lindy's spray.  Now this corner is why washi tape was added to the layout, i had some paint spots and HATED them so i had to figure out how to cover.  Luckily it worked.

I am loving layering paper, paint, texture etc... on to the next one

Lets go for 40 at the end of April!