Saturday 24 July 2021

Christmas Vacation RV

Hello all, this project is came together super quick and I love the final result.  Eddie's RV from Christmas Vacation- A Christmas Classic.  The project isn't complete, next I will make Christmas Cards, the RV can be used each year to hold the Christmas cards you receive.

I made the RV with chipboard (my usual substrate) then add details with more chipboard, paint, dimensional magic and lights.  I love love the final result.

It really is amazing what layering chipboard and paint can create.

The wreath is made with garland pipe cleaner.

One of my favorite details is the dirty windows.

Used texture paste to create the rust and give it some dimension.

It all started with a box! I designed the RV sides and cut them with a laser engraver.  Glue the sides on the box, then shape chipboard on the front and back.

By scoring you can shape chipboard around curves and give it shape.  To hide the score marks I covered with white cardstock- make sure the paper is glued on the entire surface otherwise when you paint it bubbles appear where it isn't glued down.

Add the details- window frames, door, vents, and molding.  Once the whole RV was assembled i painted entire piece with watered down glue.  This seals everything especially the parts covered with paper, now it is ready for paint.

Next add paint, I started with white, then added blue, finally paint frames and vents with silver.

Now the fun part! Add rust.  I tinted some texture paint (raw sierra) and used a sturdy brush to apply.  I added texture around wheel wells, molding, basically where joints are located.  I also feathered out the color from the texture spots.  I used Modge Podge dimensional magic to fill in windows, when it dries it looks glass like.
To make the dirty windows, i cut ovals out of cardstock and taped onto windows.  Then I mixed a light brown paint color, and used a makeup sponge to apply to windows.  The key is have paint blended into the sponge no paint globs.

I finished the rust by adding more color, red oxide and dark brown.  The color is added in the textured areas then I spray with water to remove any paint edges. This gives the rust more life like appearance and depth.  Next add dirt on RV body, used the light brown and sponge for this too. The final touch is add mini lights and wreath.

Some close ups.