Wednesday 10 December 2014

 Page two for your viewing pleasure.  For this one i started with punching notebook edges and ripping outside edges, next ink and layer onto a background sheet.  Then let the layering begin, tags, paper, journalling cards, stenciling with modeling paste, rub ons, chipboard gears, and metal- always metal.

the close ups
splatters of embossing enamels, and brads.  You can see the modeling paste in the background, i used a water color brush and vintage photo distress ink to paint stencil.

Painted the gear with distress paint, sanded and inked, and of course more layering!

Also Blue Fern studios has also released some new chipboard shapes.
here are the ones created by me:
cogs and gears


moving parts

Wednesday 3 December 2014

getting PAID

yes i know i have been bad no post for over a month, but it is all in the past now.  First off i started designing chipboard for Blue Fern Studios.  Super excited now the designs in my head i can scrapbook with and get paid to design them what can be better.  I am pretty sure everything i earn will go towards chipboard but who cares.  The first few i sent in were industrial-ish, this month i sent in winter, they are still in the production phase so more about those later.  Here are a few now available.  I think my FAB is lightbulbs, i can't wait til i can start scrapbooking with them.  If you are looking to buy you an check out Blue Fern website which has a list of where their products are sold at.  On that list you will find my friend Wendy's online store website, a cold lake local.

And now a page, every year i create 4 pages for my friend (and get paid) and she gives them as Christmas gifts.  Here is my FAV from this years patch.

 I started with modelling paste and brick stencil, i had to do in several stages to get as many as i wanted on the page.  Once dry i colored with color blooms, lots of spray and water then hold vertical to get the drips.  I used a black gel pen to doddle around the brick.  Once i attached photos, added random rub ons around photos.  Created clusters of metal goodies, then (the best part) i sprinkled on stampendous embossing enamel (aged taupe) and heat from the bottom.  I love the result!
The close ups

More pages later, need to save something for my next post.

Wednesday 15 October 2014


October challenge for Sandee and Amelie Steampunk challenge blog is "Steampunk Couture" and i have the perfect project- manny.
first i covered the dollar store new years party hat with fabric- in my favorite colors and striped I LOVE STRIPES.  I created the goggles from coffee cup bottoms painted black covered with pattern paper, embossing powder and brads.  The hat embellishment is chipboard gears and skeleton clock.  I both painted with black and used embossing enamel for metal effect, then of course some actual metal
I had a wire mannequin frame and i thought hey lets sew on a dress.  I started with padding the mannequin, then sewed on the dress, again same stripe material, with some black boardcloth, tulle and accent pattern.  I didn't use a pattern, but pinned and sewed as i went- basically i winged it and it worked.  I did take one year of fashion design so had an idea of how to go about it.  Added chipboard corset frame, brads and buckles.
 For the back i created pocket watch wings with chipboard and pattern paper.  Again gears and metals.  This one was super fun to make next time i need us a thimble.

Saturday 4 October 2014

a little SPOOKY

here is my Halloween project, i had not idea where i was going with this project it started with wanting to do some thing with a canvas.  Next my friend Wendy was using this FAB lime green paint, so that needed to be included.  Next while looking through some pics on the internet i saw a weepy tree, and i had wire thus a wire weepy spooky tree.

 Here is the finished canvas, i began by adding bricks along outside of canvas with modelling paste and brick stencil.  I left the inside without bricks to look like like the wall has been knocked out in the center.  I had to add the bricks in stages to allow modelling paste to dry in between.

I painted the whole canvas with black distress paint and set to dry.  Once dry i painted the center with citrus lime paint. I used dry brushing techinique, dip paint brush into paint and wipe clean on paper towel so only a faction of paint remains on brush.  Brush over canvas, remaining paint only really hits high points of canvas.

 The close up- dry brushing prevents any harsh edges between lime and black paint.  I added purple hint of color with gelatos, i believe the steampunk color pack.  The purple was added along the edge of lime.  I spritzed the edge of canvas with Prima color bloom, silver.

I added a chipboard fence that was painted black then added stickles on top.  I love gun metal stickles and buy them any time i can find them- which isn't always an easy task.
 Added a black 31, i like that it is matte and blends into the canvas color, the there but not there effect.

The tree was made of wire, i twisted several pieces together to make the branches, next twist the branches together to make the trunk.  It was very relaxing sitting, twisting and chatting.  the weepy branches were bent to look spooky.  I poked the branches out at different angles so it is 3D.
Now what to do with it.  I love to create but never know what to do with all the projects.

Sunday 21 September 2014

Sketchabilities Challenge

Love this Sketch, but not 100% percentage in love with my final project, not searching for a compliment just stating a fact.  Not sure what i not liking.... just something.

here is the sketch check out the their blog at

 i started with a piece of basecoat paper from Kaiser craft, then i added texture and color with molding paste and distress ink.  Next i sprayed with perfect pearl mist biscotti.  I added another challenge to the sketch so i decided to use a monochromatic color scheme- all browns

Continue building the background with adding texture and bling with sequins and distress ink.  I added glue n seal in patches and scattered on the sequins and distress embossing powder. Of course brown.
next i painted hexagon chipboard outline with walnut distress paint, glued in place.  I mixed together perfect pearl cappucino with water and painted the hexagons.  I used pop dots to adhere so their all at different heights.  more brown.  I did break the brown rule by adding doddling around hexagon outline with white gel pen.

 the final, added chipboard view finders, tags, polaroid frame, and of course my kid looking like a punk.

the close ups- my favorite part the filmstrip attached onto the buckle.

Now a quick rant.  I have purchased a laser engraving so i can cut my own chipboard, i got all the laser lined up but it still won't cut.  Problem i am really not computer techy enough.  Does anyone have ideas???  Its a cheap Chinese import and the software sucks not sure if that's the problem.  HELP.

Sunday 7 September 2014

Compendium of Curiosities 3, Challenge 10

here it is challenge 10, just out Studio L3 blog- assemblage clock on page 33 of Compendium of Curiosities Volume 3.  This is my final product, not what i have pictured when i first started this project.  Usually i lend to grungy and masculine, but this turned out to be feminine and soft.

I created a tree with wire that i twisted up for a trunk and bend into branches and roots.  I positioned the tree along the side and bent over and formed the branches into the curve of the clock.
Along the bottom i hide the construction with shaved ice fragments from stampendous, also added small blossoms along bottom.
I ran glue along the branches and covered them with shaved ice as well.

the close up, for the background i used rays layering stencil and color bloom spray- peony.  I added accent glimmer of perfect pearl biscotti spray.  I highlighted the rays with vintage photo distress ink and applied it with a water pen.

I painted the outside of the clock with patina ink- layers and layers of quartz and marine.

I am still not sure if i like the final project but here it is, enjoy!

Wednesday 3 September 2014

I can see the...laughter

Have you every had that perfect night of scrapping where everything just flows.. that was this layout.  It all started with a sketch from Sketchabilities #122 (blog), as always i like to build a background, lately i have been using a blank piece of vanilla cardstock.
i added harlequin pattern with modeling paste, i re-positioned a 6"x6" stencil several times to cover 2/3 of the page.
 i added color with Prima color blooms and mixed with some water to make drips.  set dry
added some random white gel pen doodling around raised harlequin pattern.

i placed the picture where i planned to glue down, and added some rub ons around photo.  I purposely left off some of the rub ons for a more distressed look.

i added some embossing enamel (aged taupe) in clusters by the rub ons, and heat set the enamel from the bottom so i didn't have to use versa mark.
Once i had heated, i added some glue n seal on top of heated enamel then sprinkled with the same embossing enamel.  Once dry clutters are shiny and textured.

Next!, added some ink.  Used vintage photo distress ink and a blending tool to add streaks of colors over pattern.  I have never tried this before but it is something i will be doing again.  love the final look.

one more step believe it or not, i added detailing over harlequin with hand stitching.  Again i only added the thread detailing in 3 clusters.

the final background.  It turned out so good almost wanted to frame it as is, but the show must go on.

i painted two pack of chipboard gears and rails & wheels with peacock feathers distress paint, allow to dry, sanded and inked with vintage photo distress ink.  I wanted to add some glitz but not hide the color, so next i sprayed with biscotti perfect pearl mist.

I layered the gears, rails and wheels framing the photo, added a few metal gears along the bottom of photo.  Then added a cluster of brads in the top and bottom corners.

Finally the title.  I absolutely love this photo, it is so natural, all of them smiling and laughing, and i love how this layout turned out.  Its not a great picture of the final but my camera is not cooperating.