Friday 11 January 2019

Around the World

This month is Anything Goes with Blue at More Mixed Media Challenge.

I had to make this project 3 times to get it right, there are still changes I would make but overall I am happy with it.  It is really hard to photograph you can't see the colors or the interior details as I would like.  The base is made of an upside down bowl, but once it is all painted it looks like a brass lamp base.

Here is a close up of the continents, they are a combination of Alchemy paints- Magical Pond, Deep Waters, and Brass Hardware.  Layering the colors really gives it a tarnished metal.

The globe is made of twine, modge podge and a balloon.  Inside I made a mechanical core with gears and planets.

One of planets i cut in half then added some chipboard moons and stars.  The planet has been painted with Alchemy blues and unicorn's hair.

The continents were made with black chipboard gears, hexagon shapes, clocks and lightbulbs.  This project takes a lot of patience because you need to let everything dry overnight- I hate letting this dry overnight.