Wednesday 13 March 2019

Architecture 202

Page two of my Architectural layout.
I don't like this one as much as page 1, but it will do.  I am obsessing with architecture lately, I find old/ vintage windows, door, railing pictures and turn them into chipboard elements.  I love the detail in old architecture.

The window is the focal point, basically because its big lol.  These windows I have been making need to be big since they have lots of little details, if i make them too small the chipboard is cut too thin and falls apart.  The designs have several pieces that are all layered together to get a final detailed piece.

Bottom layer, painted white and sanded.  I inked with distress oxide peacock and ground espresso.  The white acrylic paint works like resist and the ink wipes off but settles into the sanded portion.  The ink needs to be watered base for this technique to work.

Next layer, painted white and sanded inked with ground espresso.

Final layer, painted white, sanded and inked.  I should have inked this layer darker so it is more noticeable.

From the side, all the window layers are visible here.  Making these windows hurt my brain, making sure everything sits together perfectly requires a lot close up work staring at a computer screen.

Some ornate frames recreated with polymer clay, and a mould.  The creases and details of frame collect paint in them- which I like.

Fun tags, because tags are always fun.  The small script on the background is actually washi tape, 2" wide washi tape.  I wish i had brought more.

Then some random frames, if i had added photos I would put a photo in here.

Working on columns next hopefully i will get some time to make into something.

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