Wednesday 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

So it is Christmas night the presents have been opened, the dinner has been ate and now i have the need to craft but my craft room looks so clean since i have company coming.

 my craft room is never this clean and it is screaming "mess me up" but i won't but i really want to.  Instead this is what i worked on

 Lego winter Christmas house.  The house is about half built and the rest is tomorrows project.

But the last three days have been full of crafting since i of course left all my projects that were Christmas presents to the last minute.  9- 12x12 pages. Here is a sample

and the close up of the flames.  Chipboard flames that i inked with distress ink, blue, orange and red, then covered with glossy accents.  Really makes the color pop and has the added bonus of blending the color.

 next page i used a pattern paper i had and cut out arrows and arrows and layered them on the page rotating directions and adding wood chevron shapes.

close up of twine, i love twine like to add it to all my layouts.  Here i used the tim holtz brads with hoops on the end ( i don't know what they are called)  then connected them with twine.  i like it a nice little accent.

and finally this layout is a 3-D one i created for my frames at home- but of course i will probably never put them in but i always have good intentions.
created the background chevron, ripped and distressed the edges of the background sheet, then ripped a slit on top and added the rub ons in behind.  I like to add a ton of embellishments to my page, and those always have to include, metal, chipboard, and twine.  Here i created made a border around the picture and then added clutters on the corners.

and close ups


Sunday 15 December 2013

what's new

I have been busy the last couple months, but keeping up with my blog isn't one of them.  One of the most exciting updates is I FINALLY set up an etsy account.  My etsy shop will have patterns and instructions available to buy of past and present projects.  Also available will be any project kits which include instructions and products needed to create.


I only have 4 items for sale more will become available, here is a sneak peak up my upcoming project
Its all about texture, I love texture.  The idea is to have a layout with journaling tabs and a collage page with a fun funky cover.  I am about half done, now just to find the time to finish.

Also for your viewing pleasure here are some of my latest 12x12 layouts.  Please use for your inspiration.

finally I have also finished two paintings


Saturday 14 September 2013


 I tried to post several times but me and blogging don't seem to get along.  So here we are on try number 4.  ENJOY!




 did I mention I hate blogging do you have any idea how long it took me to get this pictures in the right order!!!!



Thursday 5 September 2013

steampunk halloween

as soon as I saw this paper line from Graphic 45 I knew I want to create something with it, but what....  After roaming around on line and finding embellishment to go with the paper here is what I came up with.  This is just a sneak peek, Alex is off to a friends on the weekend so mommy gets to create.
It is a gate mini album, each layer is a different part of the house, gate entry (still to come), porch, tower, main house section, then the moon lite graveyard.  Graphic 45 works great for this project lots of items that can fuzzy cut to add dimension and overall funky-ness (new word maybe it will be added to websters like twerk)  the back side of pages will be for photos and journaling.
Lets play a game anyone who reads this and like please leave a comment and I will enter your name to win the final project.  lets see if anyone is watching!!!

Thursday 22 August 2013

the reveal

here it is the finished product, and I actually LOVE IT!!!! I am not usually a fan of my finished product when it comes to painting but this I love, the problem is I have now found a new obsession.  This is what I do I jump around from project to project, I really need to focus but I am also old enough to know that will never happen- I hope you enjoy my new obsession.
so there are layers and layers of paint and mediums.  I began with covering the canvas with chicken wire, it didn't lay flat everywhere but that what I like, next cover the chicken wire with cheese cloth and paint with gesso add subway words with chipboard letters.  I officially I no half used packages of letters a great way to get rid of all those letters.  Used glue n seal for the image transfer then spent 2 night rubbing off the backside of the cardstock.  On the left side of the painting I first painted with red and teal because I knew I wanted those colors to come through in the cracks and underneath the letters.  The whole canvas was painted with brown/black just heavier on the right than the left.  Used vintage white to highlight the letters- very lightly and rustic with no harsh lines.  On the right I I highlighted the chicken wire with pattern paper in the grooves of the wire then highlighted the wire more with antique gold paint I rubbed in with my fingers- again no harsh edges.  The final step was using slow fry medium to cover the image transfer with, it also brighten the image up BONUS.

I hope you enjoy and there will be more I just spent $60 at the hardware store.

Thursday 8 August 2013


here is a sneak peak of what I am working on right now, instead of the instructions packs I should be working on.  So far I am loving everything!!

the picture is of the old vehicles I the field then I printed onto cardstock and did an image transfer to the canvas.  (not finished peeling off the excess cardstock)  the canvas is covered in chicken wire and cheese cloth , then used old letter set to make subway style lettering along side.  I am in love with this and wish I had a week of no house chores, husband or child to finish all the projects that need instructions, kit packed, and create create create.  But then what scrapper doesn't have this desire every once in awhile.

Monday 29 July 2013


Made chipboard books then used the same paper line from 7 gypsies to cover as the balloon.  The books "insides" put out and inside are mini albums.  I used a combinations of farmhouse and tersera Collins pattern paper. I made 4 different sizes of envelopes- they have pockets, tags, extra pages and accordion folds.  Lots of room to add pictures.  I didn't cover inside the envelopes with paper this would be something I would do as I added pics.

I actually happy with the outcome- that's rare.

I did want to make this one a kit but we will see, I suck at actually finishing anything so the instructions for the clock mini are still in the work and I need to finish those before I start a new of instructions.  Maybe I will lock myself in a room for a week.  But that doesn't always work my family finds me and comes hangs out with me in the smallest most cluttered room of the house.

FYI how the page looks to you is not how it looks to me as I write it I don't know what is up with blogger but it does whatever the hell it wants.  I am going to publish but the graphic artist me is cringing at the layout.  I apologize.

Friday 19 July 2013


I had a comment asking where to find background chipboard- well good news scrapping friends my friend Wendy who has on online store just had a shipment here is her website

mention you got her website from my blog in comments so I can demand a lunch out of her for the referral

I too had to stock up here are a few of my favorites (ps if you like the paper bag album the fence and fishnet I used she has in stock)

 this I am going to use on a Halloween gate mini album with graphic 45 steampunk line
 this one is great because it is two in one, pop out the bricks for one look, and just use the mortar for another look
 chicken wire is never wrong- remember just because it comes as one piece doesn't mean you have to use it as one piece don't be afraid to cut it up
 love this one- could be a scary Halloween pic or a beautiful beach pic
have this one haven't decide how to use it but it will be a husband page- maybe quadding

Sunday 7 July 2013

paper bag album

I was having a day... nothing I had pictured in my head was working and I was wreaking too much paper so I took a break!  Sometimes that is the best thing you can do work on something else with no plan and see where your creativity takes you.  here is what I came up with.. turned out pretty good too.
 used extra large paper bags, and a paperline from Kaisercraft can't remember the name but a summer tropical line.  Used my new Tim Holtz buckles to close mini
 I used this mini to create collage pages with lots of fussy cutting attached with pop dots, and layering around the picture.  Used my Tim Holtz rub ons which I loved!!! finishing touches as usual chipboard and metal- every page needs chipboard and metal.  Since this was a summery page I actually used flowers as well, very unusual for me to use flowers but I love the small paper flowers from Prima.
 I used epoxy bubbles meant to be used with bottle cap embellishment but instead stuck to the photo then cut around and pieced back together on the page.  This wouldn't work with a people photo but sure is fun with a scenery photo.  Layered chipboard, cut paper, flowers, metal and embellishment for the background.  I love chipboard that is a background like this fish net, or brick wall, chicken wire, hexagons, etc...
 More fussy cutting- this paper was perfect for fussy cutting and layering, created beautiful borders around sides to frame the photos.  Also shows that flowers can be used on boy pages!!!  But of course with a boy page I also used gears.
 Same idea here I used with epoxy bubbles, but on this page I used square fragments.  You attach the fragments using glossy accent, allow to dry then cut around.  Finished page with using leftover fishnet and fence chipboard.  that's why I love background chipboard, you can cut up and use on multiple pages.
 Final page- I have had these hibucus flowers forever and love them!! so of course that means afraid to use them but this page was perfect.  Plus tyler's (my niece in pic) had them on her swimsuit it was fate.
the paper bags make a pocket that can be filled with more photos and such.

super happy with the final project and it was just what the doctor ordered- something completed unplanned to unleash my creative juices.

Sunday 23 June 2013

Up Up in the AIR

my newest project.  This is my second attempt at a hot air balloon steampunk style, and I love how it turned it out.  Its not quite finished yet but so far so good.

I used an 8" Styrofoam ball for the balloon- funny story I thought I ordered one from amazon but it got backordered and then this huge box arrived and there was 12 8" Styrofoam balls-oops.  So I guess this is my next kit- once its done still figuring out the rest

Used memo pins to tack down paper swags then I could hang chain off pins - adds a bit of fancy
Top ornament is a combination of chipboard and metal gears, door knob and upside down door handle pulls for that crown look

used screws pins to attach balloon strings to basket
I want to add some sort of scrapbook or canvas to go with the balloon but I haven't quite wrapped my head around it.  stay tune.

Monday 3 June 2013

stacked suitcases- kit available!!! (finally)

 that right I finally finished the instructions!!!!! hopefully they make sense I was very hungover when I wrote.  I am off to Edmonton today to drop off at Treasured Memories http://www.treasuredmemories.typepad.com/ .  I am keeping a few so if you are a blog watchers and must have this project drop me an email at thepaperbox@worldpost.ca and arrangements can me made for shipping and payment.

next to come kit for clock with scrapbook portfolio