Thursday 22 August 2013

the reveal

here it is the finished product, and I actually LOVE IT!!!! I am not usually a fan of my finished product when it comes to painting but this I love, the problem is I have now found a new obsession.  This is what I do I jump around from project to project, I really need to focus but I am also old enough to know that will never happen- I hope you enjoy my new obsession.
so there are layers and layers of paint and mediums.  I began with covering the canvas with chicken wire, it didn't lay flat everywhere but that what I like, next cover the chicken wire with cheese cloth and paint with gesso add subway words with chipboard letters.  I officially I no half used packages of letters a great way to get rid of all those letters.  Used glue n seal for the image transfer then spent 2 night rubbing off the backside of the cardstock.  On the left side of the painting I first painted with red and teal because I knew I wanted those colors to come through in the cracks and underneath the letters.  The whole canvas was painted with brown/black just heavier on the right than the left.  Used vintage white to highlight the letters- very lightly and rustic with no harsh lines.  On the right I I highlighted the chicken wire with pattern paper in the grooves of the wire then highlighted the wire more with antique gold paint I rubbed in with my fingers- again no harsh edges.  The final step was using slow fry medium to cover the image transfer with, it also brighten the image up BONUS.

I hope you enjoy and there will be more I just spent $60 at the hardware store.

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