Monday 30 April 2018

Bring on the Rust

It's May how the hell did that happen!!???!  April has been an insane month for, good insane but insane thus the lack of blog posts hopefully in May i will get to create instead of prep and package.  This month at Mixed Media Monthly Challenge Blog is RUST!
Mixed Media Monthly Challenge photo.

This month's sponsor is emerald creek, they make these amazing embossing powder that are a must have for mixed media and scrapbooking.

As usual I started with my background, creating a background is always my favorite part.  Paint pattern paper with clear gesso, dry. Start adding the alchemy paint - midnight sky first, paint on then spray with water move color around with paint brush and heat gun to get swirlly background.  Repeat with brass and paint.  Dry  Sponge greyish acrylic paint through numbers stencils around layout.

Sponge white acrylic paint through number stencil.  Lay stencil on top, slightly above and to the left of grey numbers. Now the the grey layer looks like a shadow.
Background done, now you can layer embellishments, paper layers and chipboard on top.

Final layout. I used 7 dots Studio Hazy Days pattern paper and paper die cuts.

 I like to draw around paper embellishment with charcoal then smear with fingertips, just another small detail.

For the chipboard filmstrip i embossed with Emerald Creek Baked Texture Chunky Rust- as you can see it actually looks like rust- real rust.

Here is another great shot of that Chunky Rust Baked Texture.  I also used on Chicken Wire chipboard.

I love the paper die cuts included in paper pack from 7 dots studio.  For that blue splatter I sprinkled Emerald Creek Deep Sea baked texture around this little cluster.  If you sprinkle on top of page then heat from the bottom then you don't need embossing ink!!.

Filmstrip Chipboard $7.95

Chicken Wire Chipboard $8.50

Saturday 14 April 2018

Complementary Colors- MMMC

This month at Mixed Media Monthly Challenge Blog it is all about color!
Create a mixed media project using predominantly one Complimentary or Split Complimentary Color Scheme. Put your color theory hat on! Be sure to tell us what you used.

Here is a color wheel for you to reference. A Complimentary Pair are two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. A Split Complement is one color plus the two colors adjacent to its complement across the wheel. (For example, Red + Yellow-Green & Blue-Green.)

So I love color theory.  One of my favorite things is to use a color wheel to mix paint I find it so relaxing.  

I started with a tag sponged harlequin through a stencil with Impasto Crimson and aubergine mixed together.

Next color background start by painting on clear gesso.  Next I used Lindy's Jazzy Jivin Purple, Golden Doubloons, and wake me up before you gold.  I like to use the sprayer nozzle to splatter on some color then spray with water to dilute and move color around.  Dry with a heat gun, then repeat steps.  This makes the marbling effect.

Ink the edges with ground espresso distress ink, and add some texture with random stamping and black archival ink.  Cut some paper panels and ink the edges, layer together with ripped up cheesecloth in between layers.

Next fussy cut some butterflies and make a springtime cluster with flowers and butterflies.

Here is it all pulled together.  
Go have some fun!