Saturday 27 August 2011

heritage box

here is a kit created using Bo Bunny Timepiece paper collection and scrapbooking odds and ends.  It is a $70+gst kit that comes complete with instructions and everything you need (except pictures that up to you) to make a enclosed scrapbook that is perfect for holding old family photos and writing down all the stories you want to pass on to then next generations, you can include family reciepts, family jokes, etc...  This would make the perfect gift for an anniversary, wedding or chirstimas.  The orders are stilling coming in for this kit and i am doing a second round of ordering so let me know if you interested.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

stupid passwords

everything now a days has a password, it needs to - contain a least one capital and one digit now you are not suppose to use the same password twice and you are not suppose to write it down or use something that is related to you like a birthday, child's name phone number etc...  How the hell is anyone suppose to remember all those bloody passwords since you need one to log on to banking, shopping online, wholesale ordering etc...  Does this drive anyone else crazy!!!

Now that the rant is over on to the next rant WHERE IS MY NEW STOCK!!!  i want it here now i have dones of ideas and no material!!!!!  Of course i looked up the tracking and one box is on its way but the other is lost in the land of purolator.  Purolator doesn't seem to understand i have paid for the stock but can't get anything in return until it shows up at my door, and it would be great if showed up together rather than getting only part of it while the other box is in the world of lost parcels.  (just like the other sock)

WOW a blog is a great way to get stuff off your chest who knew?

Sunday 21 August 2011

saturday crop

i had 8 ladies in the shop on saturday from 9am to 12am and it was a BLAST!  Not only did i get alot of work done i learned what a dental dam is (rated R).  I now have one more class to do and all classes are done for the entire year then i will begin to focus on Christmas cards and decor.  I have lots of ideas but right now i am just waiting for product to come in so i can see if the idea in my head will actually work and look as good as i have imagined.

My next step is to organize this blog with classes, kits, techniques and finished projects but right at this moment no idea how.  HELP BUTTON here i come

Wednesday 10 August 2011


I am back from holidays and feeling more creative then every.  I took tons of pictures to scrapbook and my kid playing at the beach and park, and of course peeling where else and whenever the need strikes.  PROBLEM: all the pictures i took are summer pictures and i am Christmas Mod since i need to have examples up at the end of September in order to sell the classes by November.  The ideas are flowing so now i am ordering material and waiting for preorders to come in with new Christmas stock!!!  Look out for some new ideas and home decor items!!!