Thursday 23 August 2018

Halloween in August

I am working on some new kits, and re-discovering my steampunk roots.  Here is my Halloween Creation
Mr and Mrs Bones

I cut a foam skull in half so I could make two canvases.  The hair is made with a foam support, cotton batting, and cheesecloth- my son thinks it is an old lady cap lol.  Next decorate.

For this one I cut out a circle section of skull to make an gear insert.  I really like working with foam, you can cut and shape into what you want plus it is sturdy and holds its shape.

I made the goggles with the bottom of a Medium Timmy's cup- cut, decorated, and painted.  BOOM goggles!

This eyepiece is made with cardstock, shaped into tubes, stacked together- decorated and painted.  Another BOOM!

I debated painting the whole skull black but i wanted color, I started with painting everything with gesso then a cream skull color.  Next paint the steampunk elements- goggles, gears, hair with Alchemy Metallic paints. Painting doesn't need to be perfect because once everything is dry I paint with watered down brown paint.  Now wipe off the extra paint.  The brown stays in the crevices, and antiques the decorations.  It's up to you how much brown you leave behind. 

The tubes are bendy straws, super really long bendy straws.  I got these from a friend and I have never found them again- I am now out.  DAMN

The scales around the hairline is made by heating the styrofoam just a little to much, once antiqued it leaves great texture.

I enjoyed making this, and it came together really quick.  Too bad instructions are that quick.