Monday 24 August 2015


I am working on a new kit that's all about showcasing my chipboard now for sale on etsy- BoozyBear.  So far i only have the cover completed but man i am so happy with it.  Sometimes you have an idea but no matter how hard you try you can't make it come to life, then sometimes magic happens and the idea comes to life and more.  This time mAGiC!  So far i have used a couple pieces

I used the chipboard pieces I am most excited about- the clusters.


Worldcompass, with an alteration, I added a circle frame

Now for the front cover.
the front has two closure methods, over the sides and across top is what i have called a seat belt with a magnetic snap.  On the top is gearworks chipboard, the bottom piece is painted with victorian velvet distress paint.  I like to paint, allow to dry, then sand and ink.  The ink soaks into chipboard where it has been sanded but not into the paint, the final look is super vintage.  The top chipboard layer is embossed with distress aged taupe embossing enamel from Stampendous.  I love this embossing enamel it melts into all different shades of metallic taupe and the final look is of aged antique.

I messed up on the top when i attached to sides, so i am still trying to figure out how to hide the mistake without it looking like i am hiding a mistake.
 Here is the view from the side.  I wanted the whole thing to look like a old secret society book, something out of National Treasure or The Mummy.  So far so good.

Next seat belt is open, now world compass with metal closure on either side.  Circle frame is wrapped in pattern paper and inked on the outside.  Inside world frame and outside gears are painted with distress paint, sanded and inked.  Top accent piece is melted with aged taupe embossing enamel.

 Next more fun , the metal latches open world compass is on the bottom half for front cover but circle frame and accent are on the top half of front cover.

Super Fun, magnetic clasps, latches, flips and seat belt that's a lot of work to get into the album.  That makes its the super secret book, not the books name still working on that.

This is going to be a kit I plan to sell at Treasured Memories in Edmonton, the kit will include chipboard, paper, metal accents, and embellishments.  I will sell the digital instruction kit on my etsy store- BoozyBear, and all the chipboard used is also sold there.  If you would like to purchase the whole kit please message me, if there is enough interest i can make some more kits.  A deposit will be required.

Until next time...

Thursday 20 August 2015

MORE funky chipboard

Added some more funky chipboard to my etsy store today, check it out!!!  These ones are all about texture and grunge.

this one is the best!

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Funky Chipboard

it has been a busy summer but i have been productive.  Now available on my etsy store (Boozy Bear) is funky steampunk chipboard.  Goggle on over and check it out. I have designed some of them to have multiple items clustered together with a dimension layer on top.   Next i will scrapbooking with them to really show off their potential.  Here are my favorites!!