Wednesday 31 May 2017

Old Love Never Rust

New blog challenge at Words & Paintery- Old Love Never Rust
Here is the mood board
I didn't really use the color combination (used green)  but I did use the words.  Here is my take

The photo is my great aunt and uncle married over 50 years (my mom knows the details)  I created a rust effect on the clock and gear chipboard pieces available on my etsy store.

Not looking for a compliment but not my favorite layout it's missing something just not sure what.

Not a full tutorial today just the low down on how i created the rust effect on chipboard.  I started by painting Wind Up Time chipboard with art decor antiquing cream red oxide.  Next splatter on salt in chunks- I should have put on more salt and in thicker piles when i sprayed with white spray next it soaked into the salt too much coloring too much of the base color.

After i sprayed with the white i sprinkled on more salt, spray with olive green paint.  Dry completely overnight is best.  Next morning rub off the salt everywhere the salt was has protected the underneath color.  Old grunge look
This is Gear Up chipboard.

I brushed along paper layers edges with vintage gold alchemy wax. Splatter with watered down white acrylic paint.

Cheesecloth colored with primary elements in between layers.

Love the final look of chipboard.

Sunday 28 May 2017

7 Dots Studio- Dream

Finished a layout for 7 dots studio- theme Dreams here is the inspiration circle

and here is my take

I used 7 dots studio Lost and Found collections, Vine Scroll and Scribble Frame chipboard you can purchase at my etsy store BoozyBear.  Mixed Media product are light modeling paste, Alchemy paint- emerald green, unicorn hair, Primary Elements- Burnt Umber, Golden Bamboo, Acrylic Paint, Natural Sisal Fibers, Distress ink, cheesecloth, black and white gel pen, and finally black charcoal.

As always I started by creating a background, I mixed acrylic paint with modeling paste and applied through stencil. Add a light coat of clear gesso.  Once the modeling paste is dry add Lindy's Edelweiss Moss Green, sprinkle on with nozzle then spray with water to move color around.  Use a paintbrush to splatter emerald green then spray with water to blur and puddle color.  I doodled with black and white gel pen on texture.

Layer on paper panels and tags. Underneath paper panels is distressed cheesecloth, I sprinkle on Primary Elements Golden Bamboo then spray with water crunch up cheesecloth to color entire piece and dry with a heat gun. This gets variations in color.  Rip it up and pull apart.

I painted vine scroll and scribble frame chipboard with black acrylic paint.  Paint alchemy paint unicorn hair on top of vine scroll and emerald green on scribble frame. Around the scribble frame with photo inside I wrapped natural sisal around.

I used scribble frame and paper shapes included in paper pack to create a dream catcher.  I wanted to highlight the dream catcher so I used charcoal to look like it was casting a shadow.  Really adds dimension.

Splatter with watered down white acrylic paint.  I like to watered down the paint so it splatters easier.

Once layout is assembled I sprinkled on Primary Elements Burnt Umber around layers and spritz with water.

Add some paper shapes into layers.

Really like the sisal fibers, I saw this product be used on video and tutorials but it was super hard to find in my neck of the woods, but etsy to rescue.  Safe to say this will be my new favorite product for awhile.

Monday 15 May 2017

A Study of Birds Part 4

Another bird study, this one is 8.5" x 11" I purchased some vintage botanical prints and printed them onto mixed media paper.  I used a toner printer otherwise the ink with smear once mediums are used on top.
Not the best photos sorry, I just realized how dirty the lens is on the cover of my iphone.  I started with applying some white crackle paste around outside. Next glue on skeleton clocks- available for purchase at Boozybear Etsy store paint them with white gesso.

Along the outside edge of clock i brushed on some brown acrylic paint, it really highlights the crackle. Also around clock is merlot artisan powder mixed with gel medium and teal acrylic paint.  I also sprinkled on burnt umber and golden bamboo primary elements them sprayed with water to activate.  Adds a little sprakle.

The clock is painted in a patina effect, first brown, then patina artisan powder mixed with gel medium, then merlot artisan powder mixed with gel medium, finally teal acrylic paint.  As i layer with each medium I brush on less and less.  In the bird cluster is twine, moss, thread and clock spinners- available at Boozybear etsy store.

Final touches are rub ons, splattered white acrylic paint, some random stamping with texture stamps and black archival ink, mechanicals with charcoal smeared around outside edges.  I also added chipboard washes- available at Boozybear etsy store.  I painted the washer with white gesso, painted around outer edge with teal acrylic paint then sprinkle on primary effect spray with water to activate.   These are one of my favorite chipboard pieces at the moment.

Til next time...

Wednesday 10 May 2017

A Study of Birds Part 3

Here are the next two pages in my 6 part series of 5.5" x 5.5" mixed media collages.

This one uses my Wind Up Bird chipboard, I have been wanting to use this one for awhile but just didn't have the right project here it worked perfect. I made it look like it was riding on a tightrope of wire- love it.

I painted the bird in a patina effect, lots and lots of layers.  Start with copper acrylic paint, dry brush on some brown acrylic paint.  Next mix patina artisan powder with gel medium brush on in random strokes in all different directions repeat with merlot artisan powder.  By mixing the powder with gel medium the color is transparent creates a nice effect. I finish with teal acrylic paint- just a light dusting. Love the finish look.

In the background is clear crackle paste on top of an old encyclopedia page.  Highlight the crackle with watered down teal acrylic paint brushed on.  I also colored chipboard washer with primary elements, burnt umber and golden bamboo sprinkle on powder and spritz with water to activate.

Here I created a bird sitting in a field of wild flowers.  I painted the herb chipboard and bloom chipboard with copper and brown acrylic paint in an ombre effect.  The bird chipboard is painted with teal acrylic paint, next sprinkle on primary element burnt umber spritz with water, gives the bird a vintage touch.

Love this corner, i applied white crackle paste on top of vintage ledger paper.  Again i highlighted crackle with water downed teal acrylic paint, and merlot artisan powder mixed with gel medium.  I brush on then gently wipe off the top of crackle leaving color settled in cracks.

Along the bottom of wild flower chipboard added moss makes it look more like a wild flower field.

Next I am going to create two pages 8.5" x 11" with some more birds.

Monday 8 May 2017

A Study of Birds Part 2

Like I promised two more bird pages just a day late.

Products used were acrylic paint- brown, white, copper and teal, clear crackle paste, square clear blocks, burnt umber, and golden bamboo primary elements, embossing enamel, random stamps and archival ink. The background is a vintage singer sewing machine advertisement, again another find from Treasured Memories

I outlined the square clear blocks with a pencil, then painted in lines with teal, copper, and black.  On the back of clear block is a rub on, glue the block with glossy accents onto painted section. Outline block with white acrylic paint.

A little vignette in the corner, here you can see some random stamping with black archival ink, and the beautiful crackle in the background.  I rubbed in charcoal and it highlights the crackle.

This one a created at bird nest with moss, twig chipboard and thread spool.  I used the same mixed media products also with white crackle paste and clay polymer filigree.  The background on this page is from an old encyclopedia page I muted the color with white acrylic paint rubbed on with my fingertips then wiped off with a baby wipe.  This leaves a white film, repeated until I was happy with color.

I painted the white crackle with diluted teal acrylic paint, paint all over then wipe off paint sitting on top of crackle with a wipe.  This highlights the crackle.  I love the white crackle by deco art, it dries quickly great for classes and a time limit.

Just love this corner.

Inside the nest is chipboard bloom embossed with bronze embossing enamel then cut up and glued in nest.  I always find it is the finishing touches that complete a layout. Outline the page with embossing enamel, add charcoal smudge around mechanicals, random stamping and rub ons.

Two more pages to go.

Saturday 6 May 2017

A study of Birds

Exciting news!!! I won April Challenge at Mixed Media Monthly- What's your super power.  whoo hoo. So now i am going to for two months in a row... this month's challenge is Put a Stamp on it.

I love birds- like fake birds, drawings, ornamental birds not live birds flying at my head.  I found these FAB foam birds at the store tree in Camrose and the creativity exploded.  There will be 6 5.5"x 5.5" mixed media pieces today i will show off two.  I am spending the weekend at Bittern Lake scrapbooking with some of my favorite ladies so lots of time to create.

No tutorial today I think this will be class one day.  Media used were white crackle paste, embossing enamel, brown, teal, and copper acrylic paint, charcoal, twine, chipboard compass, primary elements, artisan powder, glossy accents and mechanicals.
So I was going for grungy vintage rustic feel so everything is painted in a patina effect.  Successful love it when it is a successful scrapbook day.

LOVE LOVE my art deco crackle paint.  I add acrylic (very watered down) coat and charcoal really exposes the crackle.

The background paper is actually an old ledger found by Daryl at treasured memories, they always have some great antique finds.

Birds found at dollar tree, I cut them in half so they have a flat back, easier to glue in place and not as thick, plus i love to cut things.

This is my other favorite page, again a hacked up foam bird.  This one uses a clay filigree created with polymer clay and a prima mold.

My favorite thing at the moment is to rub charcoal around mechanicals, plus the charcoal rubs into the cracks of the paste and highlight the cracks.

To paint the filigree layer layer and layer.  Start with copper, next brown just in the grooves, then wipe off brown on top.  Mix patina artisan powder with gel medium paint (randomly) on high points then repeat with merlot artisan powder. I finish with teal acrylic paint (sparingly) the artisan powder dries matt the acrylic paint a little gloss teal.  Final look highly effective.

Today two more pages!!

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Collect Memories

Finished a layout for a class at Loopalo art studio in Cold Lake, I used 7 dots studio monthly challenge as inspiration My Favorite Things.  Here is the mood circle

Here is my take, I can't get enough of circles or mechanicals outlined with black charcoal.

I just love outlining the cardstock circles created with Cotton Candy Dreams in charcoal then I smear with my fingers. Highlights the circle and creates a shadow at all the same time.  What else can i put circles on?

I smeared on stucco texture first then colored with alchemy paint, magicals, primary elements and white acrylic paint.  The texture of stucco ready pops with the charcoal smudges.

Look at all the wonderful texture.

I added a circular frame, chipboard texture on top and bottom, then a wire frame with thread tangle. Boom done!