Wednesday 10 May 2017

A Study of Birds Part 3

Here are the next two pages in my 6 part series of 5.5" x 5.5" mixed media collages.

This one uses my Wind Up Bird chipboard, I have been wanting to use this one for awhile but just didn't have the right project here it worked perfect. I made it look like it was riding on a tightrope of wire- love it.

I painted the bird in a patina effect, lots and lots of layers.  Start with copper acrylic paint, dry brush on some brown acrylic paint.  Next mix patina artisan powder with gel medium brush on in random strokes in all different directions repeat with merlot artisan powder.  By mixing the powder with gel medium the color is transparent creates a nice effect. I finish with teal acrylic paint- just a light dusting. Love the finish look.

In the background is clear crackle paste on top of an old encyclopedia page.  Highlight the crackle with watered down teal acrylic paint brushed on.  I also colored chipboard washer with primary elements, burnt umber and golden bamboo sprinkle on powder and spritz with water to activate.

Here I created a bird sitting in a field of wild flowers.  I painted the herb chipboard and bloom chipboard with copper and brown acrylic paint in an ombre effect.  The bird chipboard is painted with teal acrylic paint, next sprinkle on primary element burnt umber spritz with water, gives the bird a vintage touch.

Love this corner, i applied white crackle paste on top of vintage ledger paper.  Again i highlighted crackle with water downed teal acrylic paint, and merlot artisan powder mixed with gel medium.  I brush on then gently wipe off the top of crackle leaving color settled in cracks.

Along the bottom of wild flower chipboard added moss makes it look more like a wild flower field.

Next I am going to create two pages 8.5" x 11" with some more birds.

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