Sunday 30 December 2012

rediscover an old embellishment

A few years ago my sister and i started a making a scrapbook for my parents of the grandchildren so every year for Christmas i make new pages with updated photos.  This did start as a sister and me project but that only lasted one year now it is my project.  Here are a couple i made this year....

my neice and nephews.  as always my standbys in a page, layering, chipboard, metal.  What i love about this page is the smaller hexagons covered in a light colored pattern paper- the lighter paper really pops and is a great contrast again the dark background paper.  what i really love about this page is the twine i stitched around the hexagons- it adds dimension, color and texture.  Twine is nothing new but sometimes we get so into what new we forget what old and that we still love it.

TIP: when arranging hexagons make a casual arrangment not a pattern so it doesn't compete with picture for attention

more sewing but this time i used my sewing machine again adds texture and another element.  I dont worry about sewing a straight line and make multiple lines swtiching between straight and zigzag stitch.  Using a lighter thread highlights the outside edge and creates a border around the layout.  Really love the pocket watch i created using chipboard outline pocket watch embossed with stampendous silver embossing powder, then layered with prima wood clock elements i glued to outer layer on top then the clock inside.  The inside clock is smaller so you can still see the layout underneath pocket watch outline chipboard how fun is that.

Tuesday 18 December 2012


Like most people things are busy in the Christmas season- baking, shopping, decorating, Christmas concerts etc....  This year i haven't had to do the shopping since we are off on a Florida Disney trip and i don't have to cook so things have been quieter but now any free time is spent on closing the store.  That good old fashion give n take. 

This is the stores final week in business, i have been selling off the remaining inventory, and racking but i haven't stop the creating.  Here are a few sneaks peeks of kits i will have available in the new year.  I will be setting up an esty store where you can purchase kits and projects you view on this blog.  There will be an update with links when i return but until then don't forget about me, see you in a couple of weeks.

blues and creams ,metal, twine, chipboard, torn paper and hexagons.
Plus flowers on a boy page i don't believe in stereotypes.

Winter page for oudoor sports and snow.

Christmas Page for the always present holiday picture of the family gathered around the tree


Wednesday 5 December 2012


hey, if you are out there reading my blog and i know someone is add your name to the followers list - let me know i have friends.

Wish that this was my kid

Man I love this layout but its not my kid!!!.  A friend paid me to scrapboook her family pictures and make shadow box frames for them to go in, here is one i came up with and i love everything about it but it nots mine!!! and since she paid me i had to give it to her, i know i could make the same layout but i try really hard not to do that but i might break my own rule for this one.


1. all of these papers are Christmas Paper, by using side B i made layout that has nothing to do with Christmas and is a fall layout.  Don't forget to look at your paper and think beyond what season it was made for.

2. the corrugated paper to minic the grainery in the background (feel i need to point out this is also my farm, my grainery and my old truck- alright my father-in-law but i do live out there too.)  This is a 12" wide paper that i scored and folded to make corrugated- definitely a labour of love.  The folding takes forever and my chubby sausage fingers don't make it any easier, plus you have to wrap your brain around inside or outside fold.

3. all the layering of paper- i work hard to distress and ink all those layers then i cover a good portion of it up but i love the look and it totally adds depth to the page

4. Embellishments, since i knew i was making for a shadow box i could add whatever i wanted and not worry about its height.  When i create anything i always like to have - chipboard, metal, some kind of technquie- this one has perfect pearls, embossing powder, inking and dylusion spary.

5. dylusions spray- this was the first time i tried it and i have to say LOVED IT!!!  i always use chipboard but when you try to color it  due to the color chipboard the color tends to come out grayish, but this spray stays true to its color.  Now i realize in the layout it doesn't look that bright but i also added distress embossing powder in places and inked with walnut distress ink to keep up the look of rustic.