Sunday 30 December 2012

rediscover an old embellishment

A few years ago my sister and i started a making a scrapbook for my parents of the grandchildren so every year for Christmas i make new pages with updated photos.  This did start as a sister and me project but that only lasted one year now it is my project.  Here are a couple i made this year....

my neice and nephews.  as always my standbys in a page, layering, chipboard, metal.  What i love about this page is the smaller hexagons covered in a light colored pattern paper- the lighter paper really pops and is a great contrast again the dark background paper.  what i really love about this page is the twine i stitched around the hexagons- it adds dimension, color and texture.  Twine is nothing new but sometimes we get so into what new we forget what old and that we still love it.

TIP: when arranging hexagons make a casual arrangment not a pattern so it doesn't compete with picture for attention

more sewing but this time i used my sewing machine again adds texture and another element.  I dont worry about sewing a straight line and make multiple lines swtiching between straight and zigzag stitch.  Using a lighter thread highlights the outside edge and creates a border around the layout.  Really love the pocket watch i created using chipboard outline pocket watch embossed with stampendous silver embossing powder, then layered with prima wood clock elements i glued to outer layer on top then the clock inside.  The inside clock is smaller so you can still see the layout underneath pocket watch outline chipboard how fun is that.

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