Tuesday 12 March 2013

where have i gone?

Every once in awhile life throws you a curve ball, this year so far has been one curve ball after another.  After i closed up shop i had boxes of unsold inventory, personal scrapbook inventory, shelving, desks, printers, scrapbook tools- big shot and dies, cinch, paper cutter etc... now all in my house taking up space.  I don't have a super small house, but i really have no storage since i don't have a basement.  NOW where to put everything??? so i have been slowing cleaning everything and finding it a home, bundling old stock into discount packages and still trying to find the time to work on new projects.  Did i mention i started a new job, so no i haven't forgot about my blog just adjusting to new schedules and work day.

I do love my new job as an admin assistant. My creative brain needed to take a holiday, and i love being the low man on the totem pole after years of management and running a business.  Here is a sneak peek.