Sunday 30 December 2012

rediscover an old embellishment

A few years ago my sister and i started a making a scrapbook for my parents of the grandchildren so every year for Christmas i make new pages with updated photos.  This did start as a sister and me project but that only lasted one year now it is my project.  Here are a couple i made this year....

my neice and nephews.  as always my standbys in a page, layering, chipboard, metal.  What i love about this page is the smaller hexagons covered in a light colored pattern paper- the lighter paper really pops and is a great contrast again the dark background paper.  what i really love about this page is the twine i stitched around the hexagons- it adds dimension, color and texture.  Twine is nothing new but sometimes we get so into what new we forget what old and that we still love it.

TIP: when arranging hexagons make a casual arrangment not a pattern so it doesn't compete with picture for attention

more sewing but this time i used my sewing machine again adds texture and another element.  I dont worry about sewing a straight line and make multiple lines swtiching between straight and zigzag stitch.  Using a lighter thread highlights the outside edge and creates a border around the layout.  Really love the pocket watch i created using chipboard outline pocket watch embossed with stampendous silver embossing powder, then layered with prima wood clock elements i glued to outer layer on top then the clock inside.  The inside clock is smaller so you can still see the layout underneath pocket watch outline chipboard how fun is that.

Tuesday 18 December 2012


Like most people things are busy in the Christmas season- baking, shopping, decorating, Christmas concerts etc....  This year i haven't had to do the shopping since we are off on a Florida Disney trip and i don't have to cook so things have been quieter but now any free time is spent on closing the store.  That good old fashion give n take. 

This is the stores final week in business, i have been selling off the remaining inventory, and racking but i haven't stop the creating.  Here are a few sneaks peeks of kits i will have available in the new year.  I will be setting up an esty store where you can purchase kits and projects you view on this blog.  There will be an update with links when i return but until then don't forget about me, see you in a couple of weeks.

blues and creams ,metal, twine, chipboard, torn paper and hexagons.
Plus flowers on a boy page i don't believe in stereotypes.

Winter page for oudoor sports and snow.

Christmas Page for the always present holiday picture of the family gathered around the tree


Wednesday 5 December 2012


hey, if you are out there reading my blog and i know someone is add your name to the followers list - let me know i have friends.

Wish that this was my kid

Man I love this layout but its not my kid!!!.  A friend paid me to scrapboook her family pictures and make shadow box frames for them to go in, here is one i came up with and i love everything about it but it nots mine!!! and since she paid me i had to give it to her, i know i could make the same layout but i try really hard not to do that but i might break my own rule for this one.


1. all of these papers are Christmas Paper, by using side B i made layout that has nothing to do with Christmas and is a fall layout.  Don't forget to look at your paper and think beyond what season it was made for.

2. the corrugated paper to minic the grainery in the background (feel i need to point out this is also my farm, my grainery and my old truck- alright my father-in-law but i do live out there too.)  This is a 12" wide paper that i scored and folded to make corrugated- definitely a labour of love.  The folding takes forever and my chubby sausage fingers don't make it any easier, plus you have to wrap your brain around inside or outside fold.

3. all the layering of paper- i work hard to distress and ink all those layers then i cover a good portion of it up but i love the look and it totally adds depth to the page

4. Embellishments, since i knew i was making for a shadow box i could add whatever i wanted and not worry about its height.  When i create anything i always like to have - chipboard, metal, some kind of technquie- this one has perfect pearls, embossing powder, inking and dylusion spary.

5. dylusions spray- this was the first time i tried it and i have to say LOVED IT!!!  i always use chipboard but when you try to color it  due to the color chipboard the color tends to come out grayish, but this spray stays true to its color.  Now i realize in the layout it doesn't look that bright but i also added distress embossing powder in places and inked with walnut distress ink to keep up the look of rustic.

Thursday 29 November 2012

Change is in the AIR

For those of you that watch my facebook page or live in the Cold Lake area are aware that The Paper Box will be closing its doors.  I have been back and forth on this decision for over a month but in the end my husband and i decided it was what is best for our family and bank account.

I will be setting up a scrapbook studio in my home to continue creating kits and projects that will be sold at http://wsquaredscrapbooking.com/.  This is a fabulous online store owned and operated by Wendy Ward right here in Cold Lake, so if you like the project you will be able to purchase the pdf file with a list of products used.  Depending on demand i will also be supplying her with complete kits. 

Our first Pdf file is for the Holiday Lantern now available at http://wsquaredscrapbooking.com/ for $10.  Also 5 complete kits each of the blue or red lantern were shipped out today to Treasured Memories in Edmonton for your shopping convenience. http://www.treasuredmemories.typepad.com/
should be in store next week. 

Reminder of what i am talking about

If you every have a project you want but can't find anywhere fire me off an email and tell me, not to toot my own horn but art school paid off (finally) i am very good at figuring out how to make 3D projects plus i love a challenge
Thank you to everyone who supported The Paper Box over the years but Glenda Schoepp-Drake isn't going anywhere just making new goals.
Goal one: contribute to the family from working at home
Goal two: Its a big one but also a secret since i don't want to jink it
Goal Three: design for scrapbook manufacturers for display projects at CHA
Goal four: lose 65 pounds and take a trip anywhere that requires a swimsuit
Goal Five: remember to blog
So stay tuned Boozybear.blogspot is entering a new era

Friday 23 November 2012


Yes today is my birthday i am offically 36 or as i like to think of it 25.  Tonight dinner and blackjack with husband and our couple friends too bad Cold Lake doesn't have the best selections of resturants but as long as i don't have to cook i am a happy camper. 

Today my son is at work with me, so far he has set his trains up everywhere, used my copic markers for drawing, use my tim holtz stapler for making "X"s, and moved my stock around, now he is eating his lunch over one of my projects and asking me when is it time to go home- good thing he is cute.  Here are the picture he drew me of dogs Lucky and Dodger, pretty good for 5  maybe he has some of his momma's artist talent.
Next my creations:

Holiday lanterns in Classic Red and Green, and Chilly blue, teal and cream.
I designed this using chipboard i cut and scored to shape into a lantern, the first one i did i used a pattern i drew on a napkin but for my loyal followers i have done up a pdf instruction and template that you will be able to buy at http://wsquaredscrapbooking.com/ also will be a list of supplies used so you can purchase what you need.
I used the new Tim Holtz tattered poinsettia die cut and i have to say this is a new favorite for the holiday season.  The key to the using is to make sure you shape your petals, the best way i have found to do this is using the barrel of a pen to curve the paper petal around.  This is why i love paper it can to manlipuated in so many different ways and shaping your paper will bring your project to life!!
(man i have chubby fingers-sausage hands)
So i am jsut finishing up the pdf file will be ready next week.
talk soon- yes sooner than last time, i was busy creating and forgot to also be busy posting.


Wednesday 7 November 2012

Christmas Wreath

I have a friend holding a winter trade and craft show as a fundraiser for Relay for Life and I am donating a wreath for auction.

created using Melissa Frances 3-D chipboard house I used Fabscraps Christmas line which worked great since the paper has a faux barn wood.  Added tinsel along roof edge and white mica flakes on roof for snow.  These 3-D chipboard houses are great they come with trees and a resin shape.
Next I covered paper mache balls with 7 gypsies tissue paper and mod podge.  I cut the paper mache ball so the back is flat and easier to glue onto wreath which is wrapped with burlap.  Curved music note paper and glued onto wreath giving it movement.  Made pointsettas using the new tim holtz die cut which i am in love with and they worked great to cover any holes. Finished with tulle again to hide more holes  (PS don't look at the back)
I am off to a scrapbooking rereat this weekend stay tune for what I create

Monday 29 October 2012

the creative juices are flowing!!!

I have been super creative lately and i am loving it!!!  Not only am i coming up with ideas- the ideas are actually working.  Now i don't know how you all scrapbook but i usually have an vision of what i want to do, with what papers and the style i want to acheive and once i start working if the project doesn't look like my vision i stop working on it.  Instead i hide it in a corner at my shop never to see the light of day again until i do a big clean then it usually goes in the garage.

But this week the heaven are shinning maybe its the snow and cold maybe i am better when the sunshine and warm aren't beckoning me outside.  I have about 4 projects on the go this week
1. countdown to Christmas which was simple and turned out good. (previous blog)
Next wait for it, wait for it- 2. Jar Snowglobes with Paper Trees (PS i saw these on Pinterest and created with products had and added my own flair, i am not a fan of credit not going where it deserves)

made three jar with tiny three houses from Melissa Frances,  covered in paper, inked then a smeared with icicle stickles (ranger), roof were covered with white mica flakes (Melissa Frances), finally added tinsel (tim holtz) around roof edge.  The hardest part was finding jar wide enough to fit the houses inside and getting the houses to sit straight.  I stuffed the bottom of the jar with ivory felt for snow and also have loose mica flakes inside.  Heres the close up:

how cute are those!!

Next trees

Again how cute!
for these i used knitting needles in different sizes, and styrofoam to make tree truck.  Then cut paper in sizes 2.25" to 1" trimmed edges with triangle scissor then stacked them on the tree trunk.  The key to this was turning squares so they are at different angles gives it a better spruce tree shape.  The final touch was to ink sqaure and add some mica flakes.  I wrapped the styrofoam base with ivory felt.

Here is a sneak peek of a new kit i am doing up (this one is from the brain of Glenda)

and gets so much more exciting stay tune!!!

Friday 26 October 2012

countdown to Christmas

here is my latest project- a Christams Advent Calendar

This project came together really fast and has a vintage 1950 feel to it.  I used Pink Paislee city sidewalk paper line with chipboard snowflakes and tag embellishments.  I didn't have enough tags (made pockets out of the tags) so i also used 7 gypsies envelopes from antiquaries paper line and just covered them with paper. Distressed and ink all edges (walnut distress ink its my fav) then sewed it all together.  All the numbers and letters were cut from tim holtz wordplay but first i  folded cardstock in half and glued together so they are slightly raised and thicker but not near as diffcult to cut as chipboard letter.

 I love how simple and colorful this project is but the fun layout of tags and pockets makes it more interesting.

here are some close ups

debating making this one kit let me know if anyone is interested!!

PS wendy told me to layoff the embossing powder for awhile anyone agree??

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Crative Mode

just got back from Canadian Scrapbooker Carnival in Calgary and i am ready to create but.... all the store stock needs to be put away and i have new stock that needs to be added to stock, priced and put away.  But man do i have ideas, christmas decor, new 3D decor, pop up kits and interesting thinking out of the box scrapbooking....  But first i must work! 

Stay Tune for some super fun projects!!!!

Tuesday 16 October 2012


I love steampunk and I would LOVE if there was more steampunk embellishments and die cuts available.  Here are a couple projects i made and created the steampunk element myself. 

Here i made a lightbulb outline out of chipboard then  embossed with aged silver embossing enamel by stampdenous.  Used a piece of craftsman paper as backing then added a wire element.  Love how this layout turned out.

Agian this is craftsman pattern paper from Prima.  Here i used a chipboard basket from basically bare embossed with aged silver embossing enamel then made balloon with accents out other pattern paper from craftsman collection.  Used twine and brads to add swags and give balloon a completed look.

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Tim Holtz Album

Got new stock and restocking items in yesterday, so all of you who loved the Tim Holtz Travel Album i am sitting making them right now.  If you haven't called and booked yours you still have time contact the store via email or phone
You will be contacted once they are ready to ship- first come first served.  $55+gst (shipping will all be added onto final price)

Here are the pics- comes with tim holtz destination travel paper pack, hinges, all diecuts pre cut out of black chipboard, chipboard book cut and cinched and finally detailed instructions

cover with hinges to secure closed and peek a boo pages visible

page #1 camera flips over to add pics and / or journalling.  PS love how the globe turned out favorite part of album

Page #2 front

Page #2 Back car and envelope create a pocket for tags

Page #3 front -love balloons and gears

Page #3 back  Clock flip up for pictures, file folder along bottom for pics and journalling

Page #4 back cover.  File folder for pics and suitcase piocket on the bottom for an additonal items from trip tickets, brochures etc....

PS: Tim Holtz if you have read this i love wordplay but what would make it even better would be to have more than one of vowels, like 3 "e"  Not a big deal when you make one project but much more challenging when you make 30.  Also i want a compass and balloon die cut- thank you

Wednesday 26 September 2012

how my mind works

so i am off to a crop this weekend and packing some stuff i think i might want to work on.... i have several ideas but nothing concrete and for me that is a problem.  Most of my big projects i have a plan in my head about what i want to do, what papers and embellishments i will use how i want it to look etc...  So when i sit down to scrapbook i am ready to go and i just create which is the reason i am a fast scrapbooker.  But for this weekend i have the ideas but not the plan and this worries me, this is why i have so many unfinished projects.

So i have some great paper to work with and like 3 ideas just hoping i don't get stumped.  Wish me luck if i come up with anything i will post when i get back.

his favorite food is sandwiches- just like his opa
only like playdough in john deere colors (and blue because he can mix the yellow and blue to make green)- a john deere man just like his opa and grandpa

new pic- i have been playing in photoshop to spruce up final image love this one.

Friday 21 September 2012


Two page layout using one of my favorite techniques of glueing chipboard onto the back of a picture then contour cutting around the picture then putting the picture and chipboard back together.  Once picture is back together woodgrain pattern is visible with picture on top.  FUN FUN FUN

heres the close up

Perfect for a shadow box frame since it is has some chunky elements.

Also using flowers, ribbon, twine, and accent elments. (yes you can use flowers on boy pages)

Class is November 8, 2012 6-10pm at The Paper Box
or email thepaperbox@worldpost.ca to hold a kit.
Kits will be available mid October
(once kits are ready you will be called for payment first come first serve)
$40+gst each

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Travel Album Kits UPDATE

Thank You Ladies the travel album kit sold out in under and hour!!!!  So due to high demand i have ordered materials to make up 20 more kits.
They will be ready at the beginning of October, if you are interested in buying one please email me at
thepaperbox@worldpost.ca and you will be contacted once they are ready to ship

TRAVEL ALBUM $55.00+gst each (shipping will be added on to final price.)

Manny- steampunk mannequinn

we have a new follower today Cindy from Edmonton and here she is with manny at the canadian Scrapbooker Carnival in Edmonton.

Also posing it up with manny Cheryl from Leduc  i like how she posed her arms

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Edmonton Canadian Scrapbooker Carnival

here we are at the Canadian Scrapbooker Carnival
The carnival was a huge success and Nicki and I had a fanastic time, met some great ladies and made new contacts.

 it was a small booth but it did the trick, Nicki and I enjoyed ourselves so much we signed up to be a vendor at Calgary Canadian Scrapbooker Carnival October 19-20

the crop area, i don't know if anyone got anything done but everyone had a great time.

Met some wonderful ladies from northern BC and Alberta and it was exciting for everyone that we all knew where we live or lived.  Us northern girls need to stick together.

Nicki and I have tonnes of ideas flowing around in are brain so look forward to some great pages, cards, and projects.

Check out the facebook page with upcoming classes dates and times

Friday 7 September 2012

Detour Layout

here is a new layout using Bo Bunny new paperline- DETOUR

PS i love how this turned out.

created a 8"x11" mat on background paper, ripped approx. 2-3" hole out of  blue map paper on rightside to expose background paper underneath.  Framed the whole matt with 0.5" slanted blue and red border to look like air mail envelope.
The explore is scrap fx product embossed with silver embossing enamel- stampendous add gears on circle letters.  Also embossed compass chipboard from dusty attic then layered with chipboard gear embossed with black embossing enamel- stampendous and prima metal gears.

finishing touches are prima wood elements, spinners, dusty attic wings,  jenni bowlin thread, and tim holtz metal accents and filmstrip.


The photo matt flips to left, then next insert flips down so i can get a total of 4 pictures on this layout but with the flips the layout isn't overcrowded.

Wednesday 5 September 2012

steampunk dress form PART 2

here it is a day late... the dress form

i built the dress on a wire dress form i padded down with fibre fill first.  i used fabric to piece together a victorian style dress (used old curtains)  that i sewed directly onto the form.  added tulle on sleeve edges, and neckline then underneath.  to stemapunk it up i covered chipboard with pattern paper (graphic 45) and hot glued onto dress to create a boned corset, added metal brads for studs.  for the gathered front used one inch double thick pattern paper and metal latch.

created wings and clock for back and again used one inch pattern paper double thick attached to shoulder seam with latch to look like wings are strapped on.  The wings are made from chipboard, a design i created in corel draw then printed off to make patterns (i do this alot when i can't find the shape i am looking for then i can print to the size of pattern i need)


the wings are one of my favorite things i folded the paper in a pleat pattern using a scor pal then stapled together at the top, then fanned out to get the texture to the wings rather than flat chipboard, again added brads for studs.  The large clock is a studio 490 art parts chipboard shape, covered both the outside and inside with pattern paper.  The outside skelton clock is chipboard from dusty attic that i embossed with silver embossing enamel from stampendous.  Also embossed gears and rails and covered remaining gears with stickles.  Finished with metal gears and spinners.


Monday 3 September 2012

steampunk top hat

here is what has been keeping me busy

So i created a fabric dress on a wire dress form (I will reveal tomorrow) and the finishing touch is the top hat.


started with a top hat brought from the dollar store (not a dollar) i covered with fabric
then added accents with chipboard gears, bicycle, clock and rails.  Also accents of flowers, metal gears and facuets, and screw brads.  Used Graphic 45 curosity paper line for color punch.


Does the shape of the goggles look familiar???  i was really stumped on how to make the goggles then as i was drinking my morning tim hortons tea it hit me- the bottom of the coffee cup was exactly what i was looking for.  So i cleaned out the coffee and cut off the bottom of the cup, covered the sides with paper, and colored the bottom with jiffy marker. To get the metal edge i inked top and bottom with versa mark and used embossing enamel-silver by stampendous (this one of my favorite products i discovered last april and now use on everything.  I use the aged embossing enamel they are super thick and have multiple colors in then so when they dry there are hints of other colors giving them more depth.  They also don't dry as shinny as an embossing powder but more flat- LOVE)  Finished with karen foster screw brads around outer edge.  Once i get to the shop tomorrow i will add glossy accents to black bottom to make it look more like tinted glass lens.

Added a clock and gear clutter on the side of hat used chipboard from dusty attic and scrap fx and metal accents from tim holtz.  I covered some gears and rails with siver embossing enamel and the rest with gunmetal stickles.  (love these but they have been discontiued i hate that now i need to find some online and stock pile)  I like to cluster an assortment of enamel, stickles, and metal gears added clusters together with chipboard rails.  This is a prima flower that i have had for 2 years waiting for the perfect project because i love it so much plus it hides all my construction .  The large skelton clock was colored with jiffy marker and cut so i could twist around from side of hat to the back.

you will know why i haven't been blogging i have been creating

Wednesday 29 August 2012


it has been a month since my last post and the only excuse i have is LIFE!!! The beginning of the month we went on holidays to Grande Prairie visiting family and friends, then once you are back there is the clean up both at home and at the shop put stock out find stock lost in purolator world. 

Now new stock is coming in and the ideas are flooding in and i have become very scattered bouncing from one project to the next so hopefully next week i will have so photos to post of projects and holidays

see you soon!!!

Saturday 28 July 2012

cutting paper

I know it sounds really simple and straight forward and as a store owner i should be promoting buy embellishments but cutting paper is really my all time favorite embellishment.  I worked on these two projects this week and i am totally in love with them, they are boyish which is my strength, colorful and bright.  They look complicated but most of it is just cut paper then arranged to make fun patterns.

This one has an arrgyl pattern on the right using 1" squares, i did ink the sides with walnut distress ink that part is very time consuming but relaxing.  Glued in place then sewed at an angle from both sides finally added brads in the centers where stitching overlaps.  The key to just cutting paper is to always take it one step futher.  There are two other panels underneath again ink for interest and the blue pattern one is fussy cut to the paper- more interesting.  Finished with chipboard (every page NEEDS chipboard) and button.  The title is old letters that i painted- use up that old product.

This one i actually had to pull out my cricket, no mater how hard you try it is impossible to cut perfect circles!!  So again cut paper, layered and inked used circle and rectangles for texture and movement.  Layered the circle on top of brown cardstock to make the colors pop and stand out, if the cardstock wasn't there all the colors would be muddled together.  I love the clutter of rectangles as the background super interesting background and totally adds texture, the only real pain in the butt here is these are 6"x0.25" rectangles then i inked all the edges- yes i was black when done.  Again chipboard, brads, and sewing.  The title and bracket are both raw chipboard then i can do what every i want to it and it becomes an accessory to any page no matter the paper color or page theme.  BUY BUY raw chipboard letters, shapes you will get way more mileage out of it!!!! or if you have old colored chipboard don't be afraid to paint, ink, or cover in paper.