Friday 23 November 2012


Yes today is my birthday i am offically 36 or as i like to think of it 25.  Tonight dinner and blackjack with husband and our couple friends too bad Cold Lake doesn't have the best selections of resturants but as long as i don't have to cook i am a happy camper. 

Today my son is at work with me, so far he has set his trains up everywhere, used my copic markers for drawing, use my tim holtz stapler for making "X"s, and moved my stock around, now he is eating his lunch over one of my projects and asking me when is it time to go home- good thing he is cute.  Here are the picture he drew me of dogs Lucky and Dodger, pretty good for 5  maybe he has some of his momma's artist talent.
Next my creations:

Holiday lanterns in Classic Red and Green, and Chilly blue, teal and cream.
I designed this using chipboard i cut and scored to shape into a lantern, the first one i did i used a pattern i drew on a napkin but for my loyal followers i have done up a pdf instruction and template that you will be able to buy at http://wsquaredscrapbooking.com/ also will be a list of supplies used so you can purchase what you need.
I used the new Tim Holtz tattered poinsettia die cut and i have to say this is a new favorite for the holiday season.  The key to the using is to make sure you shape your petals, the best way i have found to do this is using the barrel of a pen to curve the paper petal around.  This is why i love paper it can to manlipuated in so many different ways and shaping your paper will bring your project to life!!
(man i have chubby fingers-sausage hands)
So i am jsut finishing up the pdf file will be ready next week.
talk soon- yes sooner than last time, i was busy creating and forgot to also be busy posting.


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