Wednesday 18 April 2012

Another Page kit

Here it is and it is my favorite!!! 
Echo Park Charming paper line, splats, gears, screw brads and  twine where can you go wrong.

HE LOVES THE MUD.  In our household we need at least two pairs of rubberboots so one pair has time to dry, and i don't know how he manages it but always ends up wet to his waist good thing he is not shy about striping down before he comes into the house.

Saturday 14 April 2012

Page kit- simple stories Awesome

First page kit

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My week

so it has been a week of good and bad.

1. i spilled my coffee on my laptop and now the keyboard doesn't work so i have a keyboard plugged into it thus not really a laptop anymore, and on my keyboard the space bar is broken thankx to my son 4 years ago.  But as the coffee spilled all i could think is thank god it didn't fall on the wedding invitations i have been working on for a month.

2. invitation done picked up and paid for

3. funny story- my son booped outside over a grandma by his swingset instead of going inside- the funny part he let grandma blame the dogs

4.  page kits are finally done i will post one each day.