Saturday 4 December 2021

Moonlight Tours


Moonlight Tours Steampunk Airship FINISHED!!

The Steampunk Engine is made with chipboard and the moon is made with a paper lantern with paper mache on top for sturdiness.

I used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic for the inside of the windows, gives it a great glass look.  I really wanted a curved roof but can be challenging with chipboard so I decided to use house styrofoam.  I cut the shape i wanted with a exacto knife then sanded with fine fine sandpaper.

The railings are made with 3 sheets of chipboard
glued together- this is the first time i tried this and it worked fantastic.  I also did this with the paddles.

The large gears are made with fun foam you can get a the dollar store.  I love when things move, so the gears and paddles actually turn.

I sealed all the chipboard with watered down glue, really holds everything together and helps make it water proof.  I painted with brown acrylic paint, and aged with watered down acrylic paint that i brush on then wipe off the excess.

Here it is all lit up, it didn't work like i had wanted. I wanted more of a glow all over the moon but I struggled with paint color and painted it many many times.  But I know what needs to be done in the future so i will try this again.

FOR SALE $450+shipping
Approx size 18"x36"
Includes ceiling light.