Sunday 11 November 2018

Woodland Mushrooms

I created this collage with Mixed Media Place October Challenge in mind, here is the mood board
I was planning on using metallic purple and green but the piece took on a life of its own.

It ended up being more brown, still not 100% if I like but it does look better in natural light.

So lots and lots of layers.  Used some new chipboard pieces- twig balls, postage frame, and twigs  They are all available on my etsy store

I wanted it to look like the cluster found in a bird's nest so I used odds and ends in my stash.  Used texture paste, alchemy paints, beads, sequins, and vintage wax for coloring.

I like angled shots you can see all the different layers.

I love making lightbulb out of vials, I add a wire fuse through cork then added some art stones and paint around edge.

Lots of new pieces up on etsy store tonight, this one is my favorite mason jar lights.

Mason Jar Lights