Monday 29 October 2012

the creative juices are flowing!!!

I have been super creative lately and i am loving it!!!  Not only am i coming up with ideas- the ideas are actually working.  Now i don't know how you all scrapbook but i usually have an vision of what i want to do, with what papers and the style i want to acheive and once i start working if the project doesn't look like my vision i stop working on it.  Instead i hide it in a corner at my shop never to see the light of day again until i do a big clean then it usually goes in the garage.

But this week the heaven are shinning maybe its the snow and cold maybe i am better when the sunshine and warm aren't beckoning me outside.  I have about 4 projects on the go this week
1. countdown to Christmas which was simple and turned out good. (previous blog)
Next wait for it, wait for it- 2. Jar Snowglobes with Paper Trees (PS i saw these on Pinterest and created with products had and added my own flair, i am not a fan of credit not going where it deserves)

made three jar with tiny three houses from Melissa Frances,  covered in paper, inked then a smeared with icicle stickles (ranger), roof were covered with white mica flakes (Melissa Frances), finally added tinsel (tim holtz) around roof edge.  The hardest part was finding jar wide enough to fit the houses inside and getting the houses to sit straight.  I stuffed the bottom of the jar with ivory felt for snow and also have loose mica flakes inside.  Heres the close up:

how cute are those!!

Next trees

Again how cute!
for these i used knitting needles in different sizes, and styrofoam to make tree truck.  Then cut paper in sizes 2.25" to 1" trimmed edges with triangle scissor then stacked them on the tree trunk.  The key to this was turning squares so they are at different angles gives it a better spruce tree shape.  The final touch was to ink sqaure and add some mica flakes.  I wrapped the styrofoam base with ivory felt.

Here is a sneak peek of a new kit i am doing up (this one is from the brain of Glenda)

and gets so much more exciting stay tune!!!


  1. Hi. Do you know any wood projects or gifts to purchase? Am not crafty myself but would like to get a gift made of wood for my wife.

    1. i would try etsy. I am also making up some new projects that will be available for purchase in the new year.