Wednesday 26 September 2012

how my mind works

so i am off to a crop this weekend and packing some stuff i think i might want to work on.... i have several ideas but nothing concrete and for me that is a problem.  Most of my big projects i have a plan in my head about what i want to do, what papers and embellishments i will use how i want it to look etc...  So when i sit down to scrapbook i am ready to go and i just create which is the reason i am a fast scrapbooker.  But for this weekend i have the ideas but not the plan and this worries me, this is why i have so many unfinished projects.

So i have some great paper to work with and like 3 ideas just hoping i don't get stumped.  Wish me luck if i come up with anything i will post when i get back.

his favorite food is sandwiches- just like his opa
only like playdough in john deere colors (and blue because he can mix the yellow and blue to make green)- a john deere man just like his opa and grandpa

new pic- i have been playing in photoshop to spruce up final image love this one.

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