Monday 15 May 2017

A Study of Birds Part 4

Another bird study, this one is 8.5" x 11" I purchased some vintage botanical prints and printed them onto mixed media paper.  I used a toner printer otherwise the ink with smear once mediums are used on top.
Not the best photos sorry, I just realized how dirty the lens is on the cover of my iphone.  I started with applying some white crackle paste around outside. Next glue on skeleton clocks- available for purchase at Boozybear Etsy store paint them with white gesso.

Along the outside edge of clock i brushed on some brown acrylic paint, it really highlights the crackle. Also around clock is merlot artisan powder mixed with gel medium and teal acrylic paint.  I also sprinkled on burnt umber and golden bamboo primary elements them sprayed with water to activate.  Adds a little sprakle.

The clock is painted in a patina effect, first brown, then patina artisan powder mixed with gel medium, then merlot artisan powder mixed with gel medium, finally teal acrylic paint.  As i layer with each medium I brush on less and less.  In the bird cluster is twine, moss, thread and clock spinners- available at Boozybear etsy store.

Final touches are rub ons, splattered white acrylic paint, some random stamping with texture stamps and black archival ink, mechanicals with charcoal smeared around outside edges.  I also added chipboard washes- available at Boozybear etsy store.  I painted the washer with white gesso, painted around outer edge with teal acrylic paint then sprinkle on primary effect spray with water to activate.   These are one of my favorite chipboard pieces at the moment.

Til next time...

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