Saturday 4 October 2014

a little SPOOKY

here is my Halloween project, i had not idea where i was going with this project it started with wanting to do some thing with a canvas.  Next my friend Wendy was using this FAB lime green paint, so that needed to be included.  Next while looking through some pics on the internet i saw a weepy tree, and i had wire thus a wire weepy spooky tree.

 Here is the finished canvas, i began by adding bricks along outside of canvas with modelling paste and brick stencil.  I left the inside without bricks to look like like the wall has been knocked out in the center.  I had to add the bricks in stages to allow modelling paste to dry in between.

I painted the whole canvas with black distress paint and set to dry.  Once dry i painted the center with citrus lime paint. I used dry brushing techinique, dip paint brush into paint and wipe clean on paper towel so only a faction of paint remains on brush.  Brush over canvas, remaining paint only really hits high points of canvas.

 The close up- dry brushing prevents any harsh edges between lime and black paint.  I added purple hint of color with gelatos, i believe the steampunk color pack.  The purple was added along the edge of lime.  I spritzed the edge of canvas with Prima color bloom, silver.

I added a chipboard fence that was painted black then added stickles on top.  I love gun metal stickles and buy them any time i can find them- which isn't always an easy task.
 Added a black 31, i like that it is matte and blends into the canvas color, the there but not there effect.

The tree was made of wire, i twisted several pieces together to make the branches, next twist the branches together to make the trunk.  It was very relaxing sitting, twisting and chatting.  the weepy branches were bent to look spooky.  I poked the branches out at different angles so it is 3D.
Now what to do with it.  I love to create but never know what to do with all the projects.

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