Thursday 17 March 2016

Page Kit 2

Next up Page Kit 2, again i started with vanilla cardstock, not white vanilla.  Awhile back i had an argument with a scrapbook friend  (I am talking about you Wendy) i think vanilla is a shade of white she thinks white is white no shades.

Again no tutorial because they are page kits and i want to sell them, sorry ladies.

This one i knew i wanted only color on the top half with drips, and a layout was born from there.

This is my favorite part, the sun spots i created with gesso a background technique form Creative Scrapbooker previously Canadian Scrapbooker.  FAB magazine created right here in Northern Alberta.

 Also used some cheese cloth in this layout, love the cheese cloth adds more texture, and depth.

My photo cluster with no photo.  I didn't want it to be too big after all the work with the background.

I used mini stones and modeling paste for "ground".  The top half was colored with lindy's and soaked into the texture, but.  Then i painted over the texture with Deco art antiquing cremes, which is 100% matt.  Adds a nice contrast shiny and matt. Smooth and rough.

Followers- 34  Thank you Ladies and Gents.

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