Thursday 31 March 2016

It's been a WEEK

As usual i left everything to the last minute, i do work better under pressure mostly.  But then in a 24 hour period my computer and phone crashed- dead, gone, nothing.  Luckily i was able to get my files off my crashed laptop.  But the phone was dead and i couldn't transfer the data so i wrote down all the phones numbers again i was luckily i had just transferred my pictures so i didn't loss any of those. PANIC set in.  Now i am back up and running and playing catch up.

Here are the final three page kits that will be available this weekend at the Crop Haven crop here in Cold Lake.

I like the black outline with the shadow around the color drips it looks like graffiti. I want to try this on an art journal page this weekend.
Here i used flowers- Honestly not sure how i feel about this one really not sure if i like it.  What i do like is the ripped out sections of the background with the clusters tucked- i see a art journal page in future.
Final page kit again not sure i like, what i do like is the rust paste.  Right now this is my new favorite product I recommend it to anyone.  It gritty and dries matt- FABULOUS.

Followers- 36 and growing

Looking forward to this weekend stay tune for some art journal pages.  Working on a new kit that combines art journalling with pocket pages. I know what i want to do just haven't figured out all the details.  Right, going to write out my thoughts maybe it will help me focus.  I want to have vintage sketches of nature- birds, trees, nests etc..  I want to use my water color pencils.  What i haven't figured out is how to make it into a kit?????

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