Monday, 14 March 2016

Page Kit 1

So it has been a busy time, I had a huge order from Ladybug Scrapbook in Llyodminster so my time has been spent sorting and packaging. Very time consuming, then the time change which for some reason has really affected me this year.  In fact i am off to bed after this post.

So there is a big crop here in Cold Lake the first weekend in April and i am creating multiple kits to sell for Treasured Memories.  I did this last year too, and i was looking through last years kits and wow a person's style can change in a year.  It is still grungy, still metal and chipboard but now more mixed media, and color sprays.

Page Kit 1- no tutorial since i want you to buy the kit.

I purposely didn't use blue and brown, my favorite go to colors. That said i am having a hard time with the orange not sure if that is what causing me to be on the fence about the finished layout.

I like everything so it must be the color throwing me off.

This is my favorite part!  Love how this little corner came together.  Layered paper and tag with ribbon, next add colors.  The finishing touches are always what makes things pop- inked the paper layers, dry brushed with black acrylic paint, added white outline around brick. Plus black, black always adds to a layout, defines things.

Another fun spot.  I love how the tags have curved up.  I didn't glue down all edges just the bottom edges.  Then once you start adding sprays and water they curve and warp.  Make sure glue is 100% before adding color or everything will just let loose.

Keep in touch aiming to have 7 page kits.  How do you guys feel about 8.5" x 11" page kit.  I enjoy adding different size layouts to my albums. My Mom adds 12 x 12 layouts and project life inserts in different sizes to the same album looks FAB!

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  1. Fantastic, Glenda! Wow!!!!

    This is a kit I might need. Urgently. lol

    Claudia xxx