Saturday 5 March 2016

Art Journal Page 1

Here is the first page i did, and I am so happy with it, which is huge because i am never happy with anything.  I always think something is missing, or i went to far- i know you all are reading this and agreeing with me we artists are never satisfied with our own creations.  That is why i dont hang anything up in my house I can't look at without seeing what i don't like.  I did hang the painting up i did of my son that another one i am happy with.  Anyways enough of a rant, time for the reveal.

I had been playing with sketching and coloring with my watercolor pencils the weekend before so i knew that was what i wanted on this page.  Now i got attitude/ grumpy over the weekend because drew those freehand, but i need to point out i had a reference picture, I need a reference picture to draw.  I am AMAZED by people who can draw without a picture

I started with putting two book pages at the corners with gel medium.  (Again an old book courtesy of my mother in law)  Next i added the texture with a stencil and modelling paste.

Added some color with Lindy's sprays-  i can't remember what colors next time i will make a note. I sprayed first to get the drips then i painted just the texture with a magical mixed with water, finished by outlining texture with black watercolor pencil.

Now i just brought finnabair art alchemy opal blue gold paint LOVE LOVE IT.  That is what the gold shimmer along the top texture and in the center fold along the bottom texture.  Love how it is iridescence sometimes gold sometimes blue.  And the right color of blue like robin egg blue.  I LOVE Blue but not navy or royal blue.

I brought this at my friends online store W2Scrapbooking she carries wonderful products and lots of mixed media items, plus her shipping is super reasonable.  Now i live in the same town so i just pop on over- its a perk.

Next sketch in the bird nest, I had forgotten how much i like sketching.  Here i used faber caster assorted pens.  Again i think this is why i am loving the art journal all that wonderful white space!

and color with water color pencils- forgot how fun these are are.  Its a catch 22 love them now i need more colors, ahhh more art supplies.  I think my scrap room is shrinking.

Repeated steps on other side of page but with a bird this time.  I also made the texture darker i wanted more of a pop.

The final steps were some stamping along the bottom and top (not on this pic but the first one I am too lazy to add another picture instead i choose to write a long sentence)

Happy Scrapping
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