Sunday 28 February 2016

ARt JouRNaL- I cracked

I cracked! I bought an art journal I have been fighting this for years.  I liked the idea of the art journal but i HATE (strong word- one i don't let my son use) how the art journal never lays flat once you use. But i wanted to play on a bigger surface than my tags so here it goes.  This is the second page i did my favorite from the weekend.

So happy with this, i think what i like the most is the white, its really hard to have white space on a tag

I know this is hard to see, but i started with strips of paper in various widths and lengths then i glued onto page in clusters.  I added some manilla tags in each cluster

 I added color with Lindy's Glitter Spitz- Catcus Gold, and Moon shadow Mist- Buccaneer Bay Blue.  I applied the color with an eye dropper and added water to get puddle of color.  I moved the color around the the eye dropper and rotating the page.  Heat set, the color settles in the paper strip clusters and the puddles create edges with dry.

Start the lightest color first then the darker color on top.
Next i applied Lindy's Moon shadow Mist- Tawny Turquoise again with an eye dropper but just along paper strip edges.

Repeat steps on right side

The pages together
So happy right now!

To highlight the paper strips i outlined them with black gel pen.  I extended the lines past the strips, it kind of gives it an architecture drawing effect.

Now i added some  black acrylic paint accents, applied with a palette knife.  Then i used an old trick you learn in grade school- closed the book and pressed, some the paint then transfers to the other page.

I used the side of the palette knife to get the black acrylic grid lines.
Around the outside i drew with red and blue marker postal edge then doddled around with a fine black marker.

I painted filmstrip with primary elements- burnt umber pigment, and glued a photo behind. Added some rub ons along top of paper cluster, then distressed with a sanding tool.

I fuzzy cut found relatives- occasions, and add some large chit chat words and fish.

So far loving the art journal.
Stay tune for page 1

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  1. I love this. Am going away to play. Thanks for the inspiration x