Tuesday 24 January 2017

Splash in the Rain

Here is my latest postcard- Splash in the Rain. It uses my seahorse and mushroom stools on Boozybear etsy store.

Products used, alchemy paints rich turquoise, deep waters, gold, black berry and light patina.  Archival brown and black ink, white acrylic paint, modeling paste, Lindy's  dark chocolate truffle, copper micro beads, cream tulle.

I started with a blank 8.5" x 5.5" mixed media cardstock added some twine in the center, painted entire postcard with white gesso.  Once dry added splatter with modeling paste and stencil.
Add color only in center of page over string, I sprayed the color super close to prevent overspray on the rest of the page.  Spray on some water then lift postcard vertical to add drips coming up and down from center color.

Next add puddles of deep waters alchemy paint, spray with water and lift vertically to have color blur and drip. Using a white statz on ink pad swipe across postcard, the white ink will hit the high points highlighting the splatter and string.

Next i cut off the tops of toadstools to look like coral reef. I used 1/4" foam to raise the toadstools and seahorse and painted with alchemy paints.  Used light and darks to highlight and shade chipboard.  I highlighted the cut outs on mushrooms and seahorse with white acrylic paint.

I tucked ripped up tulle behind the coral reef, and in seahorse ribs.  If you quickly zap the tulle with a heat gun it melts and makes it looks more grungy. Added copper micro beads randomly on layout.

Well its Tuesday night and i am wiped, going to lay down and watch some netflix.  I am looking for a new show if anyone has a suggestion.  I love the BBC programing but i have watched all the crime ones and those are my favorite.

Love how the coral reef turned out.


  1. What a wonderful piece - your colors and creativity with the texture and chipboard are perfect! Thank you for sharing your tutorial.

  2. Fantastic! Love your new seahorse! Its amazing what a piece of string can do - such an awesome piece!