Sunday 4 December 2016

Mail Art

This month challenge at Mixed Media World is mail art.
I love the blue and red slashes around airmail envelopes, I don't know why but i love how it looks. Maybe it that whole remembering a time gone by, I use to love getting letters in the mail back before emails, texting and long distance phone calls were a big deal you didn't not make long distance phones calls unless it was super important.  I use to walk down to the end of the driveway put my letter in the mailbox with 35 cents on top for a stamp.  Who didn't have a pen pal, sometimes i would even write my friends letters during the summer months.  We lived on farm and i really didn't see my friends over summer, this was back in the day when parents didn't take kids to town you played with your siblings or the neighbour's kids.  Anyways that was long winded here is my take

I like the old picture with it looks like a pic you would carry in your wallet when you are off to war.

I made two pattern paper blocks added checker texture with modelling paste.  Distress and inked the edges.

I painted around the edges red and blue slashes with some white gel pen doodling.  Added color with steampunk magicals (Lindy's) and gold.  I like to paint my color on, this way i control where it goes I there is no control with the spray nozzle.  I do spray water on usually after i added color it helps move the color around easier.  I painted the checker black- you will see the next couple pics.

Now for the background, more checker texture painted blue with red magical and gold color added around texture.
Here is the pattern paper blocks layered together. Looks very vintage

Glued onto background with banners tucked in between layers.
Cardstock textures bits added in.

I painted chipboard air mail first with white gesso, then painted with steampunk magical and gold paint. The steampunk magical is fantastic it looks very distress with several colors- red, brown, gold highlights.

Airmail chipboard tucked inside layer and between banners and texture.  Another shout out to mail art, covered package tags with pattern paper, ink and distressed edges, folded over edges and tied together.  Very old school parcel wrapped with twine.

 The close ups.

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