Saturday 31 December 2016

Classic VS Urban Decay

This double page layout ( I rarely do double page layouts was never by favorite thing but I had to many pieces for a one page spread would have been a clustered mess).  I want to mix classic patterns- floral, muted tones and intricate doilies with urban decay patterns- starburst, checkered, bold bright colors.

I started by applying checkered pattern with light modeling paste through a stencil.  I really like light modeling paste it dries quicker than the regular and i think i get cleaner lines, the regular stuff tends to bleed underneath.  Maybe its just me.
Here's how i like to add color, I splatter liquid color around stencil, then...

spray with water, I like that i can control where the color goes easier.  I also like to add modeling paste first since the color pools in and around edges.

Repeat steps with next color.

Next i splattered with watered down white acrylic paint, then painted checkers with black acrylic paint.  I paint after all the color is added around checkers so the black stays nice and crisp.

Repeat steps with second page.

I cut up chipboard pieces and lightly covered with some modeling paste to give it a more dimensional feel. Completely dry. Paint with acrylic paint. Once everything is dried i lightly inked with a darker color, the ink sticks to the high points created with modeling paste.

I ripped up some cardboard and lightly painted with gesso paint. Next add some mini art stones onto cardboard with gel medium. Completely dry.

Next add some color

Its really cool how the color settles into the grooves of the mini art stones.

Put it all together and here's what you get.  Before i added the layers i added more texture with stencils and ink.
Page 1

page 2

Once everything is layered together splatter on some white paint.

 All the close ups- always my favorite pictures.

Happy New Year, we will be celebrating tonight with Harry Potter.

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