Thursday 30 January 2014


 i wanted to create corrugated metal look by using the distress paints.  I used wild honey, mustard seed, bronze, walnut ink, weathered wood, and rusty hinge.

 applied the paints to the splat mat, i used lots of paint since i wanted to cover an entire 8.5"x11" cardstock.  Once i applied the paint to the splat mat i then sprayed with water
laid the cardstock on top of splat mat, flatted and dragged through
how it looked, then i dried

next i scored it 1/4", 1/8", 1/4", 1/8" and so on until i had scored the entire piece of cardstock
next i folded in a corrugated pattern, its a lot of work but is totally worth it.  you want to fold like this

ripped the bottom off at an angle, ink top, bottom and edges

 taped across the back of corrugated- this will hold the shape you just spent an hour making
paint the bottom of the tag with weathered wood distress paint, distress and ink edges
i also inked over the distress paint, since the paint repels the distress ink, i wiped it off but the ink remained where they was no paint in the cracks and streaks- very cool effect
added distress embossing powder to the corrugated metal cardstock- add to the rust look
 glued on corrugated cardstock and added a rub on
finished with a couple of embellishments- wanted to keep it simple so as not to hide corrugated

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