Saturday 29 February 2020

My take on Carnival Row

So my friend suggested i watch Carnival Row, so far i have watched one episode and i like just haven't gotten around to watching more yet.  But what i love is the imagery, created a whole Victorian Steampunk era with fairies and other magical beings!!! How fantastic is that.  So here is my take
Fairy wings, bowler hat, piping, and gears just a few of my favorite things.  (who just sang the song in their head)

So i painted the wings on watercolor paper with oxide distress ink, then drew in the wing details with black gel pen.  I found creating these type of illustrations very relaxing, i want to do some large scale ones next.  I would like to do a watercolor illustration using the posters of Alphonse Mucha.  If you don't know his work its worth looking up.

Lantern is chipboard, with painted watercolor paper behind to look like it is light up.

Some piping, i paint a base color of gold then layer turquoise, rust, and brown on top for that rusted patina look.  I didn't like this when i first painted, but when i see how the pipes look in photos I LOVE. Funny how that works.

Some rub ons for the background, love me some rub ons.  For the border first i painted black then embossed with Lindy's Tannenbaum Green Gold- the color and shimmer is easier to see with a black base.

Spiral wire, i love wire it's a weird fasanation.  This was a bitch to get the spiral tied on without breaking chipboard.

Whenever i create something i always have a favorite spot- and this is my favorite spot.  I think because you can really see the background i created here, and i love backgrounds. 
WOW i used the word LOVe alot, it was a bit much.

Happy Leap Day!

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  1. Love it! just finished watching the series and I'm inspired a lot! :)