Friday 27 September 2019


Have you every been to the badlands?  If not it is a must visit, I find rock truely beautiful and was the inspiration for this layout.  The colors and rust for 13 arts Challenge worked perfectly.

The whole background pages have the badlands drawn, most get covered but you get the idea.

Created new chipboard of broke down and abandoned motel and car.  The key to making them look real is adding some rust color paint, sand and ink.

This is also a new designs- tow truck and gas island.  For the tow truck I added patina and stormy blue paint also with rust paint.  The pieces of this also are designed to not fit tightly together so it looks more like a clunker.

This is my favorite part of the layout- the number blocks!

Vacancy- 3.25"x4" $2.50

Tow Truck 7.25"x3.5" $9.95

Abandoned 4.75"x2" $3.95

Number Blocks
0.5" to 2" $8.95

Gas Island 2.5"x6.5" $4.50


  1. This is quite amazing! We thank you so much for participating at our 13 Arts Challenge!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for joining us at the 13 arts challenge!

  3. Wonderful. Thank you so much for playing along with us at 13arts with us at 13arts.

  4. Ohhh...This is truly Beautiful! Thank you so much for joining us here at the 13arts this month....

  5. original project! thank you to join with us at the 13arts challenge!

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