Friday 9 March 2018

Lines are Everywhere

This month at scrapki-wyzwaniowo is all about lines
Lines! They are everywhere. Either created by your embellishments or the ones you draw they are an essential part of every composition. This Match we want to bring them into the spotlight in your projects. So the theme of this Challenge is LINES. Be inspired by them and create any kind of project that you come up with and share it with us in this months Challenge.

I started with a 18"x24" canvas, I use a palette knife to smear on some modeling paste to create some texture.  Next start by blocking in my colors using acrylic paints, this is my base coat.  Acrylic paint dries quick so the next coats i work in blending and defining graphic.

Here is where i start blending and defining clouds.  I tend to use the same paint brushes for entire background and don't wash in between.  Instead of washing I wipe on paper towel, and baby wipes I find this helps with blending colors.

Here is the final sky.

The final steps are splatter with white and gold paint for stars.  Next dry brush with brown paint, this technique will highlight the texture created by modeling paste.  Around the outer edges rub on white gold metallic wax- these last two steps give the canvas a grunge/ antique look.

And here we are ta-da!  I love airships and I love how this one turned out.  Lots of lines here, lines on the balloon from the pattern paper, and lines from twine connecting balloon to airship.  

So it is a 3-D airship, I cut a 8" styrofoam in half covered in 7 dots studio northern lights paper.  To make swags, wet paper with a spray bottle, then shape and allow to dry completely.  Once dry the paper will hold the shape.  I made the airship with chipboard, then covered with pattern paper.

Chipboard cogs, flourishes, and collage pieces were embossed with gold and marine stampendous embossing enamel then used to decorate balloon.
I like how the strings aren't attached to the canvas at all.

Another accent is hanging chain from paper swags.  The top is stacked cogs cut in half, one half on top and one on bottom of balloon.  This has a double purpose- hides construction, and really finishes balloon.

The following chipboard pieces were used on balloon, and available on my etsy store Boozybear.

Cogs $5.95

Alexander Flourish $3.95

Daylight Savings Time $4.50


  1. That's an absolutely fantastic inspiration, love it to the moon and back :-) TFS Kerstin xx

  2. A superbly , wonderful & stunning piece of art 💖

  3. Your canvas is absolutely amazing! I haven't been drawn so much to a project for a long time and I am drooling over every single detail on yours! Stunning work! x

  4. Oh have mercy! This is outrageously beautiful and creative! I'm drooling on my keyboard! So thankful you shared how you assembled the airship, it is remarkable!!! Hugs, Autumn

  5. Amazing!!! Soooo beautiful!!! Thank you for joining us at scrapki-wyzwaniowo challenge :)

  6. Fantastic creation! Thank you for joining us at Scrapki-wyzwaniowo.