Sunday 12 March 2017

Live Inspired

I have found my Creative Mojo, I have about 5 pages on the go and this is the first one i finished.  It is for Retro Kraft Blog Challenge

I started with painting a piece of mixed media cardstock with white acrylic paint, don't paint solid but leave streaky.  Next randomly smear on white crackle paste- allow to dry for cracks to appear. Once dry sand entire page.

Ink the entire page with crackled pistachio distress ink, then wipe off excess.  The ink with wipe off white acrylic paint and crackle but settle into sanded portions,streaky areas and cracks gives it a peeled paint look.  Repeated steps with rusty hinge distress ink.

 Next I added ground espresso distress ink in cracks and around outside edges of large chunky peeled areas.

Next layer together Pocket Locket chipboard available on my Etsy Store BoozyBear.  I inked the Pocket Locket (but turns out its not really necessary)  Paint on gel medium but leave it really thick and chunky heat with a heat gun, the gel medium with bubble and crack.

(I didn't take pictures of pocket locket oops) Paint harlequin chipboard white you can see the effect of gel medium gives it a rusted metal look.  Next i used Art Deco antiquing creams- start with brown allow to dry slightly then wipe off excess.  

Repeat steps with Patina Green and Red Oxide.  I used this technique on harlequin chipboard and pocket locket chipboard.

Next cut some paper blocks, distress and ink with cracked pistachio, rusty ink, and ground espresso distress ink.  Glue onto background page add studs in random corners and tuck harlequin chipboard in between layers.  Outline layers and chipboard with rust paste.  Stamp with texture stamp and emboss with white embossing powder.

Spray cheesecloth with lindy's color spray rip up edges,  glue underneath pocket locket. Tuck some circle mesh texture bits underneath.

On top of the pocket locket is mesh bits, bunched up wire, butterfly wings, architectural sconce, finish with pen nib and title.
The architectural scone was painted with alchemy steampunk copper, then dusted with artisan powder, next rub brown rust paste around edges.  Lightly ink with embossing ink, emboss with white embossing powder.  Finally rub on inka gold.  Whew thats done.

Behind wings puddle on alchemy fresh orange spritz with water to blur edges,  Repeat steps with alchemy violent green opal along butterfly wings.

I also added alchemy opal violent green in harlequin chipboard too.


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