Friday 10 March 2017

Fortune Teller Album- DONE!!

I have finally finished my fortune teller album, I was so excited to start this album then I lost momentum when i started playing in my art journals.  So I have finished the album- the fun part now I need to write instructions- the not so fun part.  Here are all the finished pages:

Page 1
This is one of my favorite pages, it has all my favorite things, starburst, sewing, checker and teal.  My friend actually said she would hang this piece on her wall.  That is a great compliment.

New chipboard piece used Day & Night

Page 2

Page 3
Mini Folders, these are fun to decorate super small so not to much work.  Here I used new chipboard stars, and orbit

Page 4
This is another fav!  The watercolor flowers turned out beautifully and the chipboard looks fabulous painted with a sprinkle of gold embossing enamel around outside.

New chipboard used All Seeing Eye

Page 5
Here I accidently dropped some Lindy's on the top left corner, I had a moment of panic then decided to make it work.  I sewed around and around and around and made an accent dot.

Page 6
New chipboard piece used Goodnight Moon

Page 7

I have a thing for eyes , my mom asked me last weekend whats with all the eyes???  This is a stencil i designed and I love how it turned out,  around the outside I used treasure island aqua and the blue tint is perfect.

Page 8

Here I used Milky Way chipboard what makes it special is i painted the inner circles all with different Lindy's.  The final affect looks very magical.

Page 9

The stencil used here are distressed playing cards another one of my designs.  Again I used stars chipboard perfect for a little something extra.

Page 10

Since I loved my sewing circle so much I thought why not use again, but this time added little mini clusters around.  I like to think they look like orbit lines around planets.

Chipboard used Pinwheel

Page 11

More circle spots!!  I also used compass stencil another design.

Page 12

I just realized i used the same stencil two pages in a row this hurts my OCD.  I tea dyed the paper and you can really see the effect here.

Page 13

See I am addicted to sewing circles here I used Yin and Yang chipboard. This one is very intricate the feather Yin and Yang fit perfectly together.  A spin on the old.

Page 14

No photo just flowers and texture, sewing around the outside always finishes a layout.

Page 15

Love this old photo she is a beautiful gypsy, here i used Pinwheel chipboard.

Page 16

Final Page and another sewing circle apparently it my new favorite thing lol.

Album Cover

I used distress ink and ink refresher on kraft paper, to make paper look the worn leather once it is completed.  Here is a youtube video for reference.  I used Compass Eyepiece for the cover piece.

Hoping to have a creative weekend, my creative mojo is on the fritz.


  1. Simply stunning. Seriously, like your friend, I would hang this on my wall. Love your work.

  2. Glenda, Your pages are stunning!
    What paper did you work on? And I must comment on how absolutely beautiful your watercolor flowers are-Bravo!
    Jackie ")

    1. I actually just used vanilla cardstock from Staples, that I tea stained first. I wanted it look old and worn.

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