Saturday 9 January 2016

Sneak Peek

here is a sneak peek on my newest kit.  So my mother in law doesn`t throw anything out - ever. Which mostly i love i am always finding treasures and absolutely love everything vintage but yes sometimes i get stuff that needs to see the dump alas its worth it.  Downstairs the bookcase beholds old encyclopedias just what i needed.  The cover and last page are my favorites,

I wanted to cut- i love to cut things up.  I glued several pages together in bundles using gel medium.  Then cut a frame in the cover, then the next bundle a slightly smaller frame, and go on.  Just like that a layered frame.

I covered with pattern paper then, ripped out the section where the frame was.  Glued a funky image behind the frame and glued all the bundled pages together.

Final touches included gold paint, mica powder, and distress ink and of course chipboard and metal.  The key is strung with thread so it is balanced above the frame, its fun adds another dimension and casts a shadow.

Here is my favorite page, same idea bundle pages together, and cut a frame.  For this one i added elastic (an oldie but i love these) to hold a mini folder album

I used a color page which ironically has honeycomb the same as my chipboard.  That was a happy convenient.  Added more dimension with the fragment (another oldie but goodie)  I glued onto fun background paper with glossy accent and cut around.  I need to add some alcohol inks along the fragments- more distressing.  But i can`t seem to find my alcohol ink maybe once i clean up.

More to come- maybe it will happen quicker than usual i wrote instructions as I went.

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  1. Awesome makes, Glenda! No - not just awesome! They are brilliant!!!! Steampunk at its best! Thank you so much for sharing! This is highly inspirational and such a treat to look at!

    Claudia x