Wednesday 20 January 2016

Lindy's Stamp Gang

Here is the color challenge over at Lindy's

I like this one a lot, nice muted colors

and here is my take

I watched a bunch of u tube videos and tried some of the techniques.  I love how it turned out.

Problem- I love making tags but now i have quite the collection of tags - what do i do with them?  So far i just put them in a basket.

 I covered a tag with encyclopedia paper, my mother in law has a gem of collection of old books.  Layered tag with vintage tile chipboard, ribbon, washi tape, thick twine that was stapled on (my favorite), and some really old mesh tape (another favorite).  I added some rock candy in the right top corner.

vintage tile chipboard
Finally i added some flowers into the corner cluster then, brick texture with transparent gel medium.

Once everything was dry i painted the whole tag with white gesso.
Since i had created the brick texture with transparent gel medium i was able to wipe off the gesso so the print paper was visible.

I applied moon shadow mist Van Dyke Sepia along the outline of the brick.  I unscrewed the mister and used the bottom tip of the tube to apply color.

Added starburst bells of ireland green  and starburst Jazzy Jivin purple along corner clusters.  Again i applied with the bottom tip of spray tube then misted with water.  I reapplied colors until I had dark sections.

In the top corner i just wiped some color on i didn't want anything dark or bold so it wouldn't draw attention away form the focal point.  The crackle texture pops out once color is added on top.

Next i highlighted the brick texture even more, I painted the brick outline with paint acrylic paint.  now it pop pop pops.

Added some final details, i stamped with white acrylic paint and dot texture along top right corner.  The final affect is fantastic it looks like burlap.  Finally i dry brushed the whole tag with acrylic gold paint.  It gives it a transparent shimmer.

 some close ups- this one was fun to create!  I had three days off and it was a fun crafting weekend.

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