Wednesday 16 April 2014

layering chipboard

i have had an idea a couple of years ago for chipboard with intricate design and layers to add dimension, then when i started experimenting with distress paint the idea took root again.  I have always loved chipboard but distress ink soaked in too much and you didn't get a true color, arcylic paint was to thick and so on.  BUT! distress paint was perfect- holds it color and is thin and easy to apply to chipboard and paint intricate designs.  So a couple of months ago i started turning my ideas into designs, finally i can get chipboard designs that i haven't been able to find- by that i mean steampunk and vintage!!!!

 I painted the base layer with peacock distress ink, and the top two pieces with white distress ink.  It takes a couple coats of white to get a white white not a gray white.

On the base layer there are score lines to separate between pump, hose and gas pump body.  Use the score lines as guides to paint details of design.  Here the base is peacock, barn red for pump with accents of silver, and black for the hose.  Once dry, sand and ink with vintage photo distress ink.  The distress paint resists distress ink so it only colors where distress paint has been sanded off.  I wipe off with a wet paper towel to remove excess distress ink sitting on the top of distress paint.  The finished look has a super cool vintage feel.

the details for the sale is super small so i used a fine point black maker, plus since they are sanded and inked it doesn't need to be perfect

sanded and inked

 top of gas pump painted within score lines
sand and inked
the more you sand the more distressed and antiqued it looks.

finished gas pump assembled.  Detail and Dimension LOVE LOVE.

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