Saturday 19 April 2014

Corrugated metal

so awhile back i created this tag
and thought how great would this look on large scale.  So i ordered 24"x12" cardstock and started folding, alot of folding
but it was worth it

 i folded cardstock into corrugated paper then painted with distress paint to look like eroded metal.

once i prep the canvas (cheese cloth and gesso) added the old gas pump image transfer.  My color printer prints up to 12"x19" and since i ordered large cardstock i don't have to print as many panels which makes piecing the image back together much easy.

 once corrugated cardstock is painted and dry i ripped and added to canvas to frame the gas pumps.  i glued on the corrugated but also added metal brads for another dimension.  from there the rest was easy, added espresso brown to exposed canvas and blended into corrugated and image transfer.  Added highlights of rusted metal metallic paint and black around the edges.

highlighted the words by dry brushing white over the letters.  wanted them to be visible but not to bright or they would overtake the canvas

look how you also get shadows created from the corrugated cardstock since i didn't attach edges again another dimension.

TEXTURE AND DIMENSION- my goal with every canvas.

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