Wednesday 2 May 2012

What I have been up to!!!

1.So i spilled coffee on my laytop now the keyboard doesn't work and i have to plug in an external keyboard thus lossing the effect of the laptop.  When it spilled my only thought was thank God didn't spill on the 160 wedding invites i was working on at the time.

2.My son made toast this morning all by himself while i slept thank goodness he didn't hurt himself i was in such a deep slept i didn't even heard him my mom radar must have been turned off.

3. Spent the weekend at a huge crop with 95 ladies, lots of laughs, lots of coffee, and lots of scrapbooking ok maybe less scrabooking than chatting.  So all the kits i made of are now sold thank you ladies here is my latest favorite
The idea came in the middle of night BLAM and i started workign on it the next day
A. I love this paper line from Heidi Swap- No limits
B. I love twine and gears
C. I love script writing
D. I of course love those in the picture my husband and son at mile 0 Dawson Creek, BC

stuck explore down on pattern paper and contour cut around to make it stand out more.  Added gears at bottom of ballon instead of a basket- add a little funk

To make balloons i made a template (i make templates for everything) label your template so once you cut it apart you know how everything goes back together, but before i cut it apart i cut one full balloon then layered pieces on top.  Added the twine along the seams and put brads in where twine meets.

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