Sunday 9 May 2021

Wizard Way

Completed a new book nook, i am obessed with tiny houses and window shops.  The buildings are a take on Harry Potters Diagon alley- funky, curved windows with a magical flare.  It is really hard to take pictures and see all the details and i of course forgot to take pics before i glued all together.

I didn't make a brick background instead made a textured wall using thin foam sheets (from the dollar store) to hide wires.  Next I smeared on modeling paste to give texture and paint with highlights and lowlights to showcase texture.

I made the left building curve around the corner, absolutely love how this looks.  The building didn't lay flat against the wall so i added the pipe detail, which i love.  Here i just used a straw, painted with black gesso, then metallic brass and antiqued with brown.  I put piping on all three walls.

Added a little bird and nest on building roof.  I made 4 different types of windows to add around buildings.  My favorite are the round ones.  Painted them all colorfully.

More piping and tiny windows.  Some of the windows have shingles like the building peaks.  I painted shingles with a green hue to have them look old and mossy.  The straws i use have an extra long bendy section which are fantastic to shape around windows.

The signs are made with 0.25" MDF on a laser engraver then i hand painted- not my smartest idea.  But they look amazing and fit the whole theme.

Made a bracket out of 0.25" MDF put a bird in a dome and hung off building.  I painted the foam bird to look like an white owl, this detail just adds some charm.  Also made a broom with twig and twine, glued into apothecary with a plastic skull purchased at halloween.  

This Wizard Way street sign is one of favorite details, again a pain to paint but love the look.

Working on York Shambles street next.

You can purchase this piece at my Etsy Store Boozybear

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