Friday 12 February 2021

Steampunk Train


How great is this steampunk train home!!  I figured I could make that, so I did.

It looks more complicated than it is, I started with a box then added the balconies, turret, staircase, and porch.  The key is to look at it as pieces of a puzzle.

Side B

The staircase hurt my brain, it wouldn't be the easiest staircase to walk up but no one will be using it.

The pipes are rolled cardstock, with brads along the seam.  I really wanted the megaphone things but just couldn't figure out how to make those.  So stack pipes it is.

All the "wood shakes" are made with cardstock, I cut 0.5" long strips then cut slits every 0.25", finally trim the corners on slits. Layer on , done- simple right lol

The album pulls out from the back.  I used Stamperia Vagabond collection.  I ended up using 3 pack of 8"x8" paper- 2 Sir Vagabond, and 1 Lady Vagabond.

Lots of pockets, flips and flaps.  I used striped and harlequin cardstock as accent.  It takes alot of paper to make an 3.5" thick album with pockets, flips and flaps.

This is a really fun paper line, I used Basic Grey magnetic discs to hold flips closed.  This is my first time using them- I have to say I love them.

Lots and lots of room for photos, journaling, keepsakes etc...

Now to make the instructions and pack the kits.  This part sucks!

Happy Family Day!

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